Here’s How Much $100 Invested in Microsoft 20 Years Ago Would Be Worth Today

Microsoft offers one of the most stable share prices in history, with rapid growth in its values and enterprises. Starting the 21st century indicated the rise of the web bubble, and the entire world was aggressively investing in this field for massive profits. Sales associates worldwide were connecting with business people and discussing the advantages of computers and how they would allow them to minimize their expenses and efficiency.

If you made a wise decision and invested a certain amount msft then till now, it would make significant profits. Based on common speculation, if you invested an amount of $100 in msft, then the current value of your portfolio would be around $1200 (with present values of $293.47).

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There is a broad scope for growth in this industry and an increase in share prices in the coming years based on the current business policies of the organisation.

Microsoft shares are listed in NASDAQ as MSFT, the American stock exchange hub serving millions of users daily.

Microsoft shares are listed in NASDAQ as MSFT

As far as this quarter is concerned, there has been a massive rise in their user base because now they are focusing on some advancements. Recently the plan to shut down Internet Explorer was executed, which saved a lot of expenses and showed profits on the tables. With the introduction of Windows 11 and its outstanding UI, they have turned out to have provided users with promising results.

A company that started on a floppy disk is now one of the world’s most enormous corporations; there was even a time in history when Microsoft lent support to Apple. The situations at that time were pretty crucial, and there were implications of monopoly on Microsoft, so they financially supported Apple to show support toward competitor companies which was a great move.

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