Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Outer Banks Season 3 Ending

Outer Banks Season 3 continued the tradition of keeping viewers guessing. This time, the OBX crew was searching for John B’s father and El Dorado, the fabled hidden city of gold, when they ended up stranded on a barren island.

When outside forces threatened to destroy everything, their search became substantially more difficult—but, you know, is that anything new for them? I believe it’s reasonable to say that these youngsters are the bravest—or possibly the craziest—on TV after witnessing ten episodes of vehicle chases, kidnappings, and shootouts.

Nonetheless, the team’s quest ended after 10 gripping episodes, although not without a few surprises. Did they discover the lost gold, you might be asking if you haven’t caught up yet. And most importantly, did everyone survive?

Outer Banks Season 3 Ending

John B and Sarah Find El Dorado

Unexpectedly, Ward charters his aircraft to fly Sarah, John B, and the rest of the crew to South America. Ward also stays on for the journey, but we’ll get to that in a moment. When they get there, the group’s main objective is to locate John B’s father, Big John, who has been abducted by Carlos Singh, a vicious bounty hunter. Big John tells his son that he has found the location of the treasure when they find him. Then they manage to escape, taking Sarah with them. Nevertheless, Singh shoots Big John and threatens to kill everyone before they can leave.

As John B and Sarah finally reach El Dorado and obtain a bag of riches, Singh appears and threatens to kill them as they leave. In a bizarre turn of events, Big John detonates a bomb—because he packed one!—kills Singh, and completely wipes out the old city.

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Ward and John Kick The Bucket

Another story surprise occurs when Big John, John B, and Sarah escape from El Dorado. Unexpectedly, Ward and one of Singh’s goons appear. The henchmen want to assassinate Sarah, while Ward wants to kill Big John. The remaining members of the OBX squad come during the standoff and attempt to protect their colleagues, but they are helpless against the henchmen’s gun. When Sarah is about to be shot, Ward steps in front of her and subdues the shooter. Then both he and the shooter plunge a cliff.

The team notices Big John has lost a lot of blood a short while later. He is taken from the forest and placed on a boat, where he subsequently passes away in John B’s arms. He tells his son how proud he is after seeing the gold before passing away. After creating memorials for Big John and Ward, John B, Sarah, and their friends depart for home.

New Treasure hunt

There is a time leap of 18 months after the episode. The village of the OBX crew is thanking them for solving the riddle and discovering El Dorado. Yet just as you believe their narrative is about to come to an end, a man appears with a proposal. He makes an introduction to the gathering and then exhibits a mystery captain’s log from 1718 that belonged to the notorious pirate Blackbeard, Edward Teach. I would look into it myself, but I’m becoming too old for that,” he replies. I’m looking for partners, and you guys are at the top of my list.”

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