Here’s Everything About Jessica Jones’ Variants

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ The Variants #4 In Marvel Comics‘ The Versions #4, Jessica Jones’ variants come together to defeat the superhero version and her army of variants to blame for the current havoc in her life.

Jessica Jones’ Variants

 In the new comic, Jones discovers that Jewel, her former heroic alter ego brought to life, is the variant with evil intents, sparking a conflict between the many Jones doppelgängers and a new squad of impersonators equipped with various Marvel superpowers.

Jessica Jones encountered three manifestations of herself in the current Marvel Comics miniseries The Variants. Among them were Captain America, a second iteration of the private eye who shared Earth-616’s romance with Daredevil, and Jewel, an earlier iteration of Jessica Jones’ superhero identity. Jessica will soon learn that one of the versions is attempting to kidnap her daughter and is backed by an army of other variants to make it happen.

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Marvel Comics’

Marvel Comics’ The Variants #4, written by Gail Simone, Phil Noto, and VC’s Cory Petit, introduces Jessica Jones to a fourth variant (Knightress), who confesses to having written the note warning the hero not to trust the other variants. However, Jessica awakens more clarity after gathering the Variants and facing Killgrave in her consciousness. Even though Jones’ main character never mentioned it, she learns that Jewel had addressed her daughter Dani by name. Dani also understands that Jewel entered Dani’s room when she arrived. Her evil counterpart shows her gang of new versions when she confronts Jewel, and the three other variants assist Jones in battling her.

Jessica Jones Adds New Variations

Jewel’s variations are brand-new iterations of Jessica Jones, featuring the hero with Elektra, Cable, Vision, and Luke Cage’s appearance and abilities. It will be difficult for Jones to defeat the group of versions in a fight, even with her skills, the support of Captain America, Knightess, and the understanding of herself closest to her.

In the end, Marvel Comics plans an exciting showdown between Jessica Jones and all of her variations. Given their abilities and the fact that they outnumber her team, stopping Jewel and making sure the variations don’t kidnap her daughter will be a difficult assignment. Jessica Jones, a heroine who has endured tremendous hardships in her life, is the only one with the power to stop them. Marvel Comics’ The Variants #4 is available in comic book retailers.

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