Here is a list of video game characters with the best A.I

What traits characterise the top AI characters? They are the ones who give the game its most realistic feel, especially in spontaneous situations. Having them around is at the very least enjoyable and entertaining.

A huge achievement in the eyes of gamers and studios is the ability to engross players in the game with characters who are as true to life as possible. When playing with these characters, gamers should have the impression that they are watching a real person.

The icing on the cake and the ability to further cement a game’s resemblance to life are characters in games with amusing and intelligent artificial intelligence built into them. Even though it is a challenging task, certain video games have done wonders to improve players’ experiences with AI.

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Video game characters with the best A.I

Enemies & Allies

The Last Of Us Part II’s groundbreaking AI was so far ahead of its time that it still stands out today. It was designed to appear as though each character had a heartbeat. That would all feel extremely human.

Killing enemies or animals will make people angry. Enemies will gradually become more vigilant as they converse with one another. Opponents conduct their searches similarly to how humans do so by predicting the player’s motions, feeling the grass, looking under automobiles, and being more vigilant in concealed locations. A player’s ally will work alongside them to defeat the opposition similarly.


Why do we need intelligent AI when we already have too much cuteness? In Far Cry 6, one of the allies that can help players in battle is Chorizo. The little dog on wheels was so beloved by gamers that they would pick Chorizo even if it went against Chorizo’s strengths.

He is only entertaining to be around, but he can also be quite useful by using his skills to divert adversaries who find him too endearing to ignore.


In terms of realism, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a genuine work of art. Players continue to discover teeny-tiny new features to admire every day thanks to its careful attention to detail. Realistic, spontaneous situations abound in the game. Possibly since these features cast a shade over its superior AI, talk about it is muted.

Players will feel as though their courses and target acquisitions are not pre-planned when allies are engaged in combat or hunting down foes. To ambush players and observe their movements, enemies will plan. In the open world, characters will converse with the players realistically. They get to recharge with their posse and engage in deep dialogue to forge organic ties.

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Because it is a standalone game with the same engine and features as Modern Warfare 2, it gets a distinct listing. Although it has frequently been likened to Escape From Tarkov, the new Warzone 2.0 mode DMZ has its unique ideas built on that base.

Gamers begin in DMZ with scant supplies, a list of missions to perform, and a sandbox environment where they face off against powerful AI opponents determined to destroy the danger by using all available tools and strategies. In contrast, in Battle Royale, participants work together to win by being the last person standing.

Price & Ghost

The unrivalled military experience’s ultimate creator, Infinity Ward, enhanced the already strong 2019 remake. They significantly upgraded the AI system so that it always feels like the team is a unit when participating in campaign missions. The player is supported by Price and Ghost, who can also hold their own.

In fact, during one stealth mission, in particular, Ghost communicates with the player through radio the entire time. He directs the player while also engaging in lighthearted conversation and jokes. The characters’ Intelligence reinforces the idea of “team,” which was central to the game’s marketing.


What is the AI system of Price & Ghost?

They significantly upgraded the AI system so that it always feels like the team is a unit when participating in campaign missions. The player is supported by Price and Ghost, who can also hold their own.

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