Here Is A List Of the Best gaming PCs Of 2023

Here are some of the top prebuilt computers that should manage the newest games very easily.

Even though there are millions of hours of online tutorials to help beginners assemble their own PCs and balance their specs, building your gaming PC still does not appeal to a sizable portion of the market. Those wishing to gift a gaming PC to their significant others, gamers without the time to frequently build or maintain systems, and others who do not want to participate in what is typically perceived as a labor-intensive installation and setup process.

This indicates that there is a sizable and expanding market for pre-built PCs. They can range in specs and cost from a low-cost system that can play the newest eSports games to one that can edit 4K or 8K videos instantly while easily destroying any current system requirements.

Best gaming PCs Of 2023

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR Gaming PC

When it comes to specifications and value for money, the CyberpowerPC product lines are frequently hit or miss. This time, though, it has a striking price, a beautiful PC casing, and sheer power with an RTX 4070TI 12GB paired with a 24-core Intel Core i9 13900KF, making it a potent combination that can handle all of your 2K gaming needs with a minimum of effort.

While you may have complaints about the pricing point, which is lower than the competition and offers only 16GB DDR5 memory, that element seems to be a simple fix with cheap solutions readily accessible online. But, given that CyberPowerPC frequently switches out components, it is probably best to match the RAM with the one that came with the prebuilt machine. Overall, 16GB DDR5 RAM won’t affect performance on what is a great gaming PC for you or a gift for a loved one and won’t be a deal breaker for 99% of games.

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HP Envy Desktop PC

The Intel Core i9-12900 and RTX 3070 combo effectively compete with comparably equipped prebuilt gaming PCs and offers superior value and performance at the same price point in the HP Envy Desktop PC, a brand-name machine. Given its component choices, it certainly outperforms the competition in terms of value for money at the $1200 price range while providing stylish, if RGB-less, packaging.

When it comes to HP’s end, there are undoubtedly enhancements that might be made. Several people claim the Intel Core i9 12900 included in the package thermally throttles, which reduces its performance potential. That is, however, a reasonable compromise given that the 12900 is a powerful processor, and in most cases, only a liquid cooler can control its thermals. The system would incur additional costs if one were included, which might reduce the system’s value offer in comparison to rival systems.

CLX set VR-Ready Gaming Desktop

Our top contender for the finest premium gaming PC on the market is the CLX Set VR-Ready Gaming Desktop. There isn’t much this gaming PC can accomplish, if anything, that others can’t as it has an Intel Core i9-13900KF and an RTX 4090 24GB GPU. What is essentially a great gaming PC has lots of RAM and storage, is liquid-cooled with 7 white fans placed strategically throughout the system, and has a 1000W PSU to handle its power and thermal needs. It may be able to serve content creators and gamers with vast libraries.

Even though this is the only gaming computer worth considering if your budget is under $5,000, it has certain drawbacks. A larger SSD configuration and brand-specific PC hardware components (Asus/MSI/Gigabyte) should be expected for the price paid, or at the very least, the system should provide customers with a choice in the PC hardware that goes into it. One can understand that these choices are costly, but in this case, given the premium being paid, offering customization to the customer, even on would not be a bad idea, especially given the price point.

Thermaltake Shadow 370 V2 AIO Gaming PC

When it comes to gaming performance, the Thermaltake Shadow 370 v2 AIO Gaming PC is no slouch, but it made the list because of its striking design. This is a good idea, but there is undoubtedly a trade-off in terms of dust accumulation in some areas. The system can be kept in good shape at a reasonable cost by utilising an air blower once a month, though.

Although it may be argued that the Thermaltake system’s liquid cooler is simply overkilled, it might be useful if you plan to upgrade your CPU, as many customers have done, with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D being the clear front-runner in this regard. Overall, the Thermaltake Shadow 370 v2 AIO Gaming PC is debatably the most attractive PC on our list of the top gaming PCs for 2023.

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