Heidi Klum Halloween Costume Receives Mix Responses From The Fans

Model Heidi Klum, who is German-American, surprised and amused the internet by dressing like a rainworm.

Celebrities went all out with their Halloween costumes this year. Paris Hilton played Sailor Moon, Lizzo played Marge Simpson, Kim Kardashian was Mystique, and Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, dressed as a samurai in a $7,500 leather costume. The outfit worn by German-American model Heidi Klum, however, was unsurpassed. She donned a rainworm costume. You read that right—a rainworm! The costume was amazing because it appeared so real and genuine.Read on to know more about Keidi Klum Halloween Costume.

Heidi Klum Halloween Costume

At her 21st annual Halloween celebration, Heidi was questioned about the peculiar costume, and she replied, “I don’t know… I wanted to be something random. I wanted to think outside the box. I thought rainworm would be kind of fun. Everyone enjoys worms. I don’t think I have seen anyone being a rainworm before.”

Regarding Heidi Klum’s worm costume, social media was flaming with comments.Her Halloween look received mixed responses from the people.One person wrote,”And I love knowing that it’s Heidi Klum in there lol. Like she could pick any costume, she could’ve probably pulled off literally anything, and she picked THIS. Definitely unexpected.”One of her fans tweeted,”The more I learn about Heidi Klum’s worm costume, the happier I am”

Another tweeted,”The Heidi klum costume thing seems really annoying. Like funny for 5 minutes and now just tedious (both the costume itself and the media coverage)”A person wrote,”I feel shame in muting “Heidi Klum” because she put in all the effort, she did the thing, slayed, etc. but I can’t look at that shiny wormy bacon picture anymore”

Keanu tweeted,”I cannot express how disturbed I am by all the Heidi Klum costume content I’ve been subjected to. It was a great costume, alright. It did its job by being gross! I don’t want to see it anymore. Please, stop!”

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