Hawley: A viral abortion hearing incident demonstrates the reason why average Americans are “running screaming” away from Democrats.

Josh Hawley, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, responded on Tuesday to a now-viral exchange he had with a liberal professor from the University of California, Berkeley, whom he questioned for her repeated use of the term “people with a capacity for pregnancy” — during a hearing on reactions to the Supreme Court’s decision to return control over abortion to state governments.

Hawley questioned Prof. Khiara Bridges on her use of the turn of phrase throughout the hearing, asking if she meant to allude to “women.”

Bridges argued, “There are also trans-men who have the capacity for pregnancy,” adding that “cis-women” and “non-binary persons” do become pregnant after having sex.

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Later, in response to Hawley, she said that his “method of questioning… is transphobic and opens up trans-people to violence”; the senator expressed surprise that such talk could result in violence.

Later, Hawley told Fox News that he was astounded to see liberal and Democratic commentators praising Bridges on social media and labelling the idea “insane.”

“Here is the Democratic Party as it exists today. You are required to state that “guys can get pregnant.” Furthermore, failing to acknowledge it makes you a bigot who incites violence “added he.

“This is the official line. Remember who invited this witness, please. She attended as a witness for the Democrats. Not a single Democrat could be found who disagreed with that. They’re praising her and saying, “Oh, that’s just perfect” all over social media, in fact.”

“Voters are scurrying hysterically away from the Democratic Party because it is neither precisely right nor precisely crazy. This is insane.”

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Hawley drew a comparison between the claims and the party’s overall support for biological males who identify as transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, saying the new Democratic view that people other than females may become pregnant is similar to a religious truth.

Hawley claimed that the interaction demonstrates why Democrats want to “remove girls sports” for parents who may be perplexed by the idea that a “woman” does not exist physiologically.

“They believe it is OK for a biological guy to profess to be a woman. And we must all embrace it; else, we are aggressive and racist. It’s plain absurd.”

Over the weekend, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf made history by vetoing a law that would have distinguished between men’s and women’s interscholastic sports, making him the latest Democrat to endorse transgender people playing alongside women.

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In that case, Republican candidate Doug Mastriano vowed to sign such legislation if elected, while Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro called the bill “cruel” and “intended to discriminate.”

Hawley’s viral discussion also comes months after Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and incoming Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson got into a heated argument over the liberal jurist’s definition of a “woman” when the Republican questioned her directly.

Brown-Jackson retorted that she could not comment empirically on the subject because she “is not a biologist.”

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