Have you lost phone, don’t let your data go in wrong hands follow these methods and be the saviour

Hello friends today we will talking about lost phone. The time when phones were only used to make connections with people is long gone. These days, it has a lot to store. Your personal data and bank information. The majority of your most private possessions can be found on your phone. This also brings security concerns that make you pause when you can’t find your phone nearby. The phone providers have made a lot of security and anti-theft claims, but they are still weak.

How to handle a lost phone must therefore be the question. It could have fallen into the wrong hands, and that could have disastrous consequences for you. You will be guided through every step in this post so that you can keep your data secure and out of the wrong hands.

Find Device application

Consider it the most essential application you need to have. Because this application offers many functions you never would have imagined.

Track the phone

You may track your lost phone all the way back to its last network location. With just your email address and password, you can easily access this app. Anywhere in the world allows for the tracking of phones that share an email address. You may remotely delete all the data with this as well. The feature that allows you to phone the owner is the cherry on top. Let’s say you accidentally misplaced your phone and don’t want anyone to touch or use it. You would be able to display your phone number on a screen so that only anonymous callers may contact you and no other information would be accessed.

Block the phone

You can disable your phone data by by going to However, you will need to provide the required paperwork for that. Documents include the FIR as well as information about the location where you misplaced your phone, a police complaint number, and a mobile purchase invoice.

Block the sim

To block your SIM, dial the SIM operator. Simply go to a network provider branch to access the sim. Your most recent recharge amount and Aadhar card information will be required to make sure that no outside entity is attempting to block your network access.

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