Gujarat Government to pay 49,000 Rs to A Victim in the 1992 Riots

In Riots Manish Chauhan

filed a suit in the city civil court in 1996 demanding a Rs 7 Lakh compensation. In 1992, when Chauhan was 18 years old, communal riots occurred in Ahmedabad during Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra. On 5 July that particular year, while returning from delivering a tiffin to his mother who was hospitalized in a local municipal hospital, he was shot by men on a scooter. Two bullets hit him, attacking his waist and chest respectively and the man remained under treatment till July 14.

The incident had taken its toll on Chauhan who earned a sum of Rs 1,000 per month as a private employee. The sole bread owner of his family, his salary was reduced to half during the time he was under treatment and the hospital bills amounted to Rs 10,000. Initially a claim of Rs 1 lakh compensation, he raised it to Rs 7 lakh, with 18 percent interest, stating that it was the responsibility of the state to ensure the safety of its citizens during such events of riots. Holding and putting forward the argument that his injuries were a result of the lack of proper security and hence, it is the duty of the state to give him compensation Riots.

However, the government pleader argued that the state government rightly paid a sum of Rs 1,000 as ex-gratia compensation two days after Chauhan’s injuries, but they are not responsible for any further amount of compensation.

The court however, ruled in favor of Chauhan. “Though the plaintiff does not seem to have made any expenses for his treatment, such injury and treatment as an in-door patient obviously have caused inconvenience to the plaintiff and his relatives and the plaintiff would also have suffered immense pain and shock as a result of such injury,” the court observed in the order.  Civil court judge MA Bhatti hence directed the Gujarat government to pay Rs 49,000 along with a simple interest at the rate of 6 percent per annum from the day of filing of this suit, within 30 days of the order.

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