Grey’s Anatomy Talk About Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith On Twitter

Season 19 of Grey’s Anatomy is moving forward at full speed, and there have already been some massive twists. Fans continue to speculate about familial ties and who may return to Grey Sloan, but many also dread the day Meredith Grey leaves the show after nearly 20 years on the air.

Grey’s Anatomy

Because actress Ellen Pompeo will be working on a future limited series for Hulu, viewers are already aware that Meredith’s time on the show will only last for eight episodes this season. People have been wondering how she will transition out for the time being, even though it has been stated that she will continue to appear via voiceovers.

We may know exactly what — or in this case, who — will force Meredith to quit her hospital job thanks to several Twitter theories. Grey’s Anatomy viewers on Thursday saw a different side of Meredith’s daughter Zola (Aniela Gumbs).

Social Media Users On Zola

 In light of this, social media users started to speculate that Zola’s recent findings would be the reason for her season-ending departure. Or, maybe more significantly, they have ideas for what Meredith ought to do with the outcomes.

“Zola is full of talent, so I’m assuming that this is how they leave Meredith. Aim to enroll Zola in a superior institution, “On Twitter, a supporter conjectured. Another reader said, “I see how Mer is leaving. She will relocate to leave since the school Zola needs is out of town.” “Not surprising at all. Zola is some genius, “said a different enthusiast.

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Meredith’s Consent

While Zola taking them without Meredith’s consent didn’t win Meredith over, it did cause the main character to reevaluate how she’s been treating her adopted kid.

In one scene, she confessed to Nick (Scott Speedman), “I’m lost with Zola right now.” And it certainly doesn’t help that everyone I care about breaks the law behind me.

Meredith’s Absence

Therefore, there may be some truth to this notion. Meredith will be taking a leave of absence from Grey Sloan, although it is still unclear when or even why. But when you consider that several fan favourites are returning (such as Kate Walsh and Jesse Williams), it’s evident that something is stirring up that will alter the course of season 19.

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