Government Sources On Kashmir Killings: “We Can’t Allow Ethnic Cleansing”

Terrorists’ intentional deaths of Hindus and migrant laborer’s in Jammu and Kashmir “would not discourage” the government from carrying out its duties in the union territory, a senior administration official told NDTV on Friday.

“The amount of desperation is demonstrated by targeted killings. This will be handled by our system. This murderous spree will come to an end. It happened again in October of last year “According to the official, who did not want to be identified,

The announcement revealed the government’s strategy for dealing with the recent wave of attacks in the union territory, which have primarily targeted non-locals and Kashmiri Pandits.

“Tourists are at risk of being killed if they are pursuing non-locals. Anyone can be a target of an attack. They’ll go after Muslims as well “According to the official,

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He rejected appeals from Kashmiri Pandits to ease the blockade on their settlements and allow them to leave Kashmir “Kashmiri Pandits would not be relocated to Jammu. We cannot participate in ethnic cleansing. A multicultural society is something we believe in. We will relocate Kashmiri Pandits who are employed in safer areas.”

He suggested that the administration was OK with things the way they were, saying, “Elections would take place at the discretion of the Election Commission. There is a democratic system in place… a few random killings will not deter us.”

“There is no evidence that the Taliban is responsible for these strikes. This isn’t jihad at all. Some militants engage in this behaviour. All of these assaults have been carried out by Pakistan. There is an attempt to destabilise the situation “according to the officials.

“We don’t want a small group of people attempting to build a narrative that only they can rule the state and return to the old system,” he added, a clear reference to local parties in Jammu and Kashmir that have slammed the government over the killings.

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The remarks were made a day after a Hindu bank manager and a labourer were shot and killed in Kashmir, as a spate of targeted killings prompted more Hindu families to flee the region administered by the BJP-led central government.

A terrorist attacked bank manager Vijay Kumar inside an Ellaquai Dehati Bank branch in southern Kashmir’s Kulgam, where a schoolteacher was shot dead on Tuesday, according to local authorities.

“He sustained terrible bullet wounds in this terror event,” Kashmir police stated in a tweet, later adding that Kumar, a native of Rajasthan’s western region, had died as a result of his injuries.

Terrorists shot at two non-local labourers in Budgam area on Thursday, according to a police officer.

“Militants opened fire on two outside labourers working in a brick kiln in Budgam’s Chadoora neighbourhood. They were sent to a neighbouring hospital for treatment, where one of them died “he stated.

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