Google Lays Off Another Employee, This Time It Trims Its Mental Health Team

Kristin Maczko, who worked in San Francisco and had been employed by Google for the previous 15 years, was fired by the company recently.

Google trims mental health team

According to Google’s director of global mental health and well-being, the company’s largest-ever round of layoffs recently resulted in the dismissal of 12,000 employees. Kristin Maczko, based in San Francisco, has worked with the software giant for the past 15 years.

She stated in her LinkedIn post that the major IT company had let go of several members of the mental health and well-being team. She said, “Googlers need you more than ever now, and I am excited to see what you will do,” in a statement to the team’s remaining employees.

She described her experience working for Google, which began in 2008 with the finance and analytics division. She was first assigned to her “dream role” in the mental well-being team after receiving psychology training, which she led from 2021 until her firing last week. 

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She explained that her position allowed her to apply her “psychology training in an organizational context to improve the well-being of Googlers.” When other coworkers were let go, Kristin included an excerpt from Parker Palmer’s book “Let your life speak” and described her recent emotional pain.

Elizabeth Cha, a former scaled programmes director for Google’s mental health division, also spoke about her 19-year employment termination. She cited her year of employment with the company as evidence, expressing gratitude for the “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Nicholas Dufau, a lawyer based in Los Angeles, was another Google employee abruptly fired on January 20. At two in the morning, the former associate product counsel was feeding his newborn when he got a layoff email from Google. After the birth of his daughter on January 17, Nicholas Dufau, who had only worked for the business for six months, took paternity leave.

Since November of last year, about 200,000 IT workers have lost their jobs, and thousands of Indian IT professionals in the US are battling to find new positions within the time frames required by their work visas after losing their jobs to remain in the US.


How many tech layoffs have been done in the past year?

Since November last year, about 200,000 IT workers have lost their jobs.

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