Google for India 2022, All Details Inside

At its “Google for Indiaevent on December 19, 2022, the American technology giant Google will unveil several new features. The browser announced a new endeavour to digitize doctors’ prescriptions and expand its search functionality. The internet giant also unveiled its Multi-Search feature, which would let users add text, screenshots, and images to their search queries. Additionally, Google included the “Search in Video feature,” which gives users of smart devices the chance to search inside of videos. The IT giant has also declared support for safe access to Digilocker documents via its Files by Google app for Android.

The internet giant unveiled an AI and ML model that can interpret handwritten prescriptions at the Google for India conference. According to a blog post by Google, this technology will let users understand handwritten prescriptions and help pharmacists digitise handwritten medical records. This function is currently being developed, and no choice will be made fully based on the judgement of AI and ML technology.

Google for India 2022

Google also intends to add a Multisearch capability to its search engine. Users will be able to take screenshots or photographs and add text to their search terms for quick results. The feature will be accessible in several Indian languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, and others, according to a Google announcement.

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At the Google for India event in New Delhi, the company also disclosed a fresh search feature. Users will now be able to search for particular sections of a YouTube video, and the beta version of this feature is presently being tested.

Users will now be able to search for a certain object, location, or moment within a YouTube video thanks to the technology business. The consumers would be able to save some time because they can find what they were looking for right away. This feature is still being tested but is shortly be available to everyone.

“We’re piloting the ability to search within videos on your phone’s Search app. Just type in your query using the ‘Search in video’ feature and find exactly what you’re looking for,” said the company.

Regarding accessing Digilocker documents, Google disclosed that it will assist users in securely accessing real digital documents on Android via Digilocker. Starting today, users will have access to their Digilocker digital documents via the Files by Google app for Android. It was created in cooperation with the National eGovernment Division, claims the tech giant.

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What is the announcement made in Google for India 2022?

Users will now be able to search for particular sections of a YouTube video, and the beta version of this feature is presently being tested.

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