Google Doodle Celebrates Malayalam Cinema’s First Female Actor PK Rosy

Today’s Google Doodle honors PK Rosy, the first female lead in Malayalam cinema, and her life and career. Rajamma was the real name of PK Rosy. In 1903, she was born in Thiruvananthapuram. In a statement about the Doodle, Google noted that she entered the performing arts when it was stigmatized in society, particularly for women. When she was cast in the revered Malayalam film Vigathakumaran, she defied the adage that there is a glass ceiling (The Lost Child). Many years after she stopped acting and chose the security of obscurity, her contribution to Malayalam cinema and society as a whole came to light. Thank you, PK Rosy, for your bravery and the legacy you leave behind.

PK Rosy: who was she?

PK Paulose and Kunji had a daughter named Rosy. Life fell into utter poverty after her father’s unexpected death. She struggled in her early years as a grass cutter to make ends meet. Her uncle was aware of her passionate interest in the performing arts. He located her as a music and acting instructor. She also studied Tamil folk theatre and classical dance.

Many claims that Rosy’s Christian conversion, which caused her to change her name from Rajamma to Rosamma, is where the name Rosy originates. But her mother remained a Hindu her entire life.

She stepped up in 1928 when JC Daniel needed a heroine for his movie, which was considered inappropriate for women at the time. She portrayed Sarojini, a woman from Kerala’s Nair caste. It was a Dalit woman. She later faced criticism from the Nair community for portraying a Nair woman while being a Dalit.

The hero kisses the flower in her hair in the film. Following the scene, movie critics showed up inside the theatre.

According to reports, members of the so-called upper castes also set fire to her home.

She drove a truck to Tamil Nadu after leaving the state. She spent the rest of her life as a lorry driver’s wife in Tamil Nadu. Her children were unaware of her fame.

In the 1960s, Chengalatt Gopalakrishnan rediscovered her life and wrote a piece about her. He also discovered and disclosed the movie’s outcome.

In Daniel’s life, a movie was made in 2013. Chandni Geetha portrays her in the film.

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