Google allows users to remove their personal data from Google search 

Google has now made the “Result About You” feature accessible to all users. Google first debuted the function at its I/O conference in May of this year. In a tweet posted on its account, the company made this disclosure.

“Today, we’re launching the Results about you tool, allowing you to easily ask Google to remove search results that include your personal phone number, home address, or email address,” the company said. Google Tweeted.

The Result About You feature will allow users to request the deletion of their personal information from Google Search. Users can now request that certain sensitive personal information from searches, such as credit card or bank account details, be removed under Google’s current set of restrictions.

The Result About You feature will allow users to request the deletion of their personal information from Google Search. Although Google already has a set of policies that allow users to request the removal of certain sensitive personal content from searches, like card details or bank account numbers, the new tool will assist in requesting the removal of other types of personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, or email IDs from searches. Google claims that the new technology also makes it possible to remove potentially fraudulent content from search results, such as private log-in information.

Google also announced that beginning in 2019, users would have the opportunity to set notifications for when new search results appear, allowing them to request their removal.

When we receive requests to remove something, we will go over all of the content on the website to make sure we aren’t preventing users from seeing other generally useful information, including news articles. We’ll also check to see if the data is available on websites managed by the government or other authorised sources for the general public. In such cases, “We won’t undertake removals,” Google writes in a blog post.

Google makes it abundantly clear that removing content from Google Search will not remove it from the internet. If a user feels secure doing so, it suggests contacting the hosting website directly in this circumstance.

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