Gladiators Get Defeated As OG Advances Toward Dominance In Dota 2.

Younger players may perform poorly on a big stage due to inexperience. Still, the OG roster keeps exceeding preseason predictions as they defeat the Gaimin Gladiators and advance to the next round of The International 2022.


The first playoff series to last the full three games was a struggle between two teams with limited prior LAN experience, but neither side seemed bothered by the strain.

Games 1 and 3

In games one and three, OG constructed draughts that allowed ATF the freedom to act whenever he pleased while equipping them with the means to initiate into GG on their terms. As a result, OG would win the match 2-1. 

In game one, GG struggled to counter OG’s draught as support Naga Siren appeared and appeared to add a surprise aspect. At the same time, bzm, ATF, and Yuragi destroyed more conventional Invoker, Slardar, and Monkey King options. Bzm primarily provided OG with much room to manoeuvre because he handled the map well, even when GG could win a few battles.

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Game two lost due to OG’s propensity to let GG control some of the gameplay speed, while BOOM continues to demonstrate why he is possibly the finest Storm Spirit player in the entire world. After Ace obtained a solo Ultra Kill, the series went to a decider to prevent them from falling farther behind mid-game.


OG has already at least secured a top-seven finish. The position means that regardless of how the remainder of the competition turns out. The new players have now equalled the performance of the OG team from TI10. Though Misha and company likely favour their chances of going even more profound, given how dominant the team continues to appear.

Despite some contentious situations, Gaimin Gladiators had a fantastic overall season. 

Seleri On Gladiators

Seleri remarked, “I guess we are better at coming back. “We had an excessive lead [laughs]. We all believed we would succeed. We made several mistakes, and they [OG] played incredibly well at taking advantage of and abusing them. On a different day, perhaps we might have triumphed.

The future is promising for Immortal Faith and his warriors after placing fourth in the team’s first Major and qualifying for TI11.

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