Get Enough Vitamin D Without Increasing Skin Cancer Risk, From A Derm 

In the world of beauty, the sun gets a terrible rap Vitamin D. You’ll hear beauty professionals warning about the risks of strong UV radiation and stressing how crucial it is to protect your skin every day, rain or shine. The excessive sun exposure is linked to some very significant possible skin health issues, thus these cautions are well deserved. 

However, life truly derives from the sun! Your mental and emotional wellness are affected. You get the vital vitamin D you need from it! However, that final point is not as clear-cut. The relationship between sunshine and vita-min D is more complicated than you would believe, says board-certified dermatologist Shasa Hu, M.D., professor at the University of Miami who specialises in the early diagnosis of skin cancer.

In actuality, it’s possible to spend as much time in the sun as possible without becoming seriously at risk for skin cancer. She provides an improved method for obtaining enough of the vita-min D here.

The tricky link between vitamin D & sun exposure

You can receive vitamin D via sunshine, but for many people, this is not enough to provide their bodies all the vitamin D they require.

You might not get enough vita-min D even if you spend the entire day outside in the heat. On a recent episode of Clean Beauty School, Hu notes, “In one study, [researchers] followed migrant farm workers in Florida, as well as farm workers in Hawaii.” “Farm labourers without sunscreen had a severe vitamin D shortage, according to the study. Therefore, you might still be vita-min D deficient even if you labour outside in the sun for eight hours a day.

Additionally, trying to acquire adequate vitamin D from sunshine puts you at risk for developing dangerous skin habits. After all, too much sun exposure is a key contributor to severe skin conditions like melanoma and causes roughly 80% of the apparent indications of skin ageing. And even if you choose to overlook these dangers, you might still become vita-min D deficient!

How to get enough vitamin D 

The question becomes: How can you obtain adequate vitamin D without raising your threat of skin cancer and hastening the ageing process of your skin?

According to Hu, “It’s much safer and more reliable to take a vita-min D [supplement] than go in the sun, get sunburned, and possibly develop skin cancer because of that fear of vitamin D deficiency.”

One research even compared vita-min D blood levels in those who received a small amount of oral vitamin D supplementation (1,000 I.U. of D3 given daily). On the other hand, there was no discernible rise in participants who relied on sunshine exposure. A different research even discovered that persons who consistently used vita-min D supplements had a lower risk of developing melanoma.


How can I get vitamin D without risk of skin cancer?

Chon advises taking enough vita-min D each day from dietary sources and, if required, supplementation in order to prevent skin cancer. This vitamin is present in significant amounts in a small number of foods, including: Fish: Several varieties of fish can provide you with a good source of vitamin D in one dish (about three ounces).

How much vitamin D to prevent melanoma?

people aged 19 to 70: 15 mcg (600 IU) 20 mcg (800 IU) for adults 71 and older.

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