Furious Reaction from Fans After Ellie from “The Watcher” Records A Video

Netflix’s newest Top Ten show, The Watcher, is famous for a good reason. On the internet (hi, Twitter!), viewers are already dissecting the show, examining each character, and expressing well-informed judgments. That is how you can tell a concert, regardless of critiques from critics, that it successfully engaged its audience.

Everyone has been talking about Ellie Brannock, played by Isabel Gravitt, the daughter of Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora (Naomie Watts).

With the present political and social context, it’s understandable why Ellie’s YouTube video accusing her father of racism sparked outrage among internet users.

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Why Are People Furious With Ellie?

The Brannock family, which is relocating to a new house and neighbourhood, is followed by The Watchers as they manage this major life shift. They didn’t get along with their neighbours and frequently got threatening notes.

Ellie, their teenage daughter, reacted angrily to her father, Dean, for banning her relationship with Dakota, an African-American teenager, even though things were already tight (H. Hunter Hall). After recording a video of herself imprisoned in her room. She claimed her father had locked her up to protect her from the “black” kid.

Fans Twitter-drag Ellie

Ellie, a character by Gravitt, caused issues for her father with her ostensibly innocent lie, which coincided with Dean losing his job and the Brennans being shunned as bigots by their new neighbourhood. Ellie also betrayed Dakota’s confidence by accusing him of being under bogus arrest.

Netizens demanded blood while expressing their disbelief and criticising Nora for spoiling Ellie despite her haughty demeanour. See a few of the horrifying remarks below.

Since her portrayal of her character evokes such powerful feelings in the audience, it is safe to claim that Gravitt performed a fantastic job.

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The horror series debuted just in time for the Halloween season, but critics were unimpressed, giving it a dismal 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb was more forgiving with its ratings, awarding The Watcher a 6.7/10, which is above average.

Based on an actual cold case, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan wrote the true story The Watcher. The original Watcher house is still extant and can be found in New Jersey. View the programme on Netflix.

Who Is Isabel Gravitt?

Although The Watcher isn’t Gravitt’s first TV appearance, it could be the one that makes her a household name. Since people have linked most strongly with Ellie’s character, whether positively or negatively, they already want to know who the young woman who plays her is.

The 19-year-old made her acting debut in 2013 and co-starred with Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon in Little Fires Everywhere. The movie received substantially better reviews from critics.

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