FTC Attempts to Prevent Popular App Creator From Being Acquired by Virtual Reality Giant Meta

The Federal Trade Commission is attempting to stop the acquisition of Within Unlimited and its well-known virtual reality-specific fitness software, Supernatural, by virtual reality giant Meta and its majority shareholder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. At every level of the virtual reality industry, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is already a major player. The virtual reality empire of the corporation consists of the best-selling device, the top app store, seven of the most successful developers, and one of the all-time best-selling apps. 

The agency claims that Meta and Zuckerberg are attempting to illegally purchase a specialized fitness software that demonstrates the use of virtual reality to consumers in order to grow Meta’s virtual reality empire.

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According to John Newman, deputy director of the FTC Bureau of Competition, “Meta is trying to buy its way to the top rather than competing on the merits.” Meta already has a top-rated virtual reality fitness app, and that app had the potential to compete even more fiercely with With in’s well-liked Supernatural app. However, Meta opted to purchase market position rather than gaining it via merit. Because of the illegal nature of this transaction, we will seek every available redress.

The virtual reality business, which provides a singularly immersive digital experience, is known for its rapid growth and innovation. Virtual reality material offers viewers the impression of being entirely encircled as they move, in contrast to content on a tablet, phone, or monitor. Utilizing a headgear with screens in front of each eye, users typically interact with virtual reality by being immersed in a fully produced, three-dimensional environment. 

Virtual reality apps are created by software and studio firms and are available in online app stores. These apps cover a wide range of categories, including creation and exploration, e-sports, rhythm games, and more.

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As the owner of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, as well as other well-known social media platforms, Meta is the biggest seller of virtual reality equipment and a top software developer in the United States. According to the complaint, under Zuckerberg’s direction, the business bought headset maker Oculus VR, Inc. to kick off its drive to dominate virtual reality. 

With more than 400 apps available for download, Meta’s Quest Store has grown significantly in popularity in the United States thanks to the success of its best-selling Quest headsets.

Zuckerberg stressed the need of the business becoming “absolutely omnipresent in killer apps,” or applications that demonstrate the value of the underlying technology, in an email to executives that was made public. 

One of the largest first-party virtual reality content catalogues in the world is now available thanks to Meta’s acquisition of seven of the most successful virtual reality development studios as part of its app growth. Meta now has ownership over the enormously well-liked programme Beat Saber thanks to the acquisition of the Beat Games studio.

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Supernatural, a well-known app in the specialised fitness virtual reality app industry, was created and constructed by an independent virtual reality development studio called Within Unlimited. A-list artists like Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, and Coldplay are featured among the high-caliber workouts available on Supernatural, which are virtually set in stunning, lifelike locations like the Galapagos Islands. According to With in’s co-founder and CEO, “Fitness is the killer use case for VR,” the agency’s complaint states.

According to the complaint, Meta has the necessary resources and a realistic chance of developing its own virtual reality software to compete in the market for dedicated fitness apps for virtual reality. But it opted to attempt buying Supernatural rather than going in. The independent entry of Meta would improve customer choice, innovation, competition to entice top talent, and other competitive advantages. Contrarily, the acquisition of Within by Meta would put an end to the possibility of such entry, stifling future innovation and rivalry in the marketplace.

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The complaint also asserts that the mere prospect of Meta’s arrival has probably affected competition in the market for dedicated virtual reality fitness apps. If Meta is permitted to purchase Within, the pressure from rival companies will lessen. According to the complaint, this reduced competition is against the law.

The complaint asserts that Meta’s proposed acquisition of Within is unlawful when considered in the context of the market for all virtual reality fitness apps. With its Beat Saber app, Meta already competes in this larger market, as does Within with its high-end rival Supernatural app. If this purchase were approved, the fierce rivalry that drives the two businesses to constantly introduce new services and draw in more customers would be eliminated.

By a 3-2 vote, the Commission approved staff’s request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction. Christine S. Wilson and Noah Joshua Phillips, both commissioners, abstained. The Northern District of California U.S. District Court has received a federal court case and request for preliminary relief to block the deal.

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