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From the US government Man who builds his own broadband receives $2.6 million

Hello friends today we will talking about broadband. The adage “adversity is the mother of all ingenuity” is well recognised. Due to a $50,000 charge he received for extending online connection to his room, Jared Mauch presumably had this in mind when he built his own fibre broadband.

Mauch decided to build his own fibre broadband because he was not prepared to give in to the high costs. After that, the US government gave him a stunning $2.6 million. Continue reading to learn more about how expensive bills and poor internet speeds created opportunities for development.

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The What And Why

Indeed, having fast internet is essential for the efficient operation of daily operations, especially when our workdays are filled with digital activities. Anyone who has used the internet before is aware of how frustrating a traffic congestion can be when it comes to poor internet connections.

Jared Mauch was likewise frustrated with his expensive internet service’s sluggish internet speed. He thus made the decision to develop his own broadband to address the issue. Mauch began constructing his Internet Service Provider on his property about five years ago.

Due to the lack of fast networks in his area, Mauch even had to build his own telephone business to have access to high-speed internet. Mauch even asked Comcast to expand their network to him; as a result, he received a staggering $50,000 charge.

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“At $50,000, it was so expensive that I had to question if it was worthwhile. Why would I pay them to grow their network if I would receive nothing in return?

It wasn’t easy to build his own broadband. But it was his skills as a network engineer that enabled him to create Washtenaw Fiber Properties. Although he first launched the business to serve his personal needs, it quickly caught the interest of his neighbours who were similarly frustrated by the sluggish internet.

Currently, Mauch’s broadband network is used by more than 70 of his neighbours. Mauch’s business is reaching new heights of success and expansion, especially now that the government is providing him with a subsidy to service 600 more families. Customers may sign up for 100 Mbps and unlimited data for only $55.

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