From ‘Battlefield 4’ To ‘Evolve’,5 Games With Worst DLC 

Games with Worst DLC: Although a video game can’t last forever, DLC at least allows users to extend their favorite experiences. The best DLC expands an already-loved world with unforgettable people and content. However, in the worst cases, DLC comes out as little more than a money grab or an afterthought.

Games with Worst DLC

Battlefield 4

For many gamers, one of the best elements of gaming is progressing through levels and finding every weapon available. The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle is available for anyone anxious enough to think investing $40 to unlock every weapon in Battlefield 4 instantly makes sense.

The fact that Battlefield 4 is mainly played online and that new guns are often earned by defeating other players makes the situation worse. The ability to purchase these weapons is absurd, especially given their exorbitant price, as they give gamers a competitive advantage over other players.

Tiny Tina Wonderland

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ base game is engaging, but the DLC isn’t quite up to the mark. The Borderlands series has long been renowned for having highly compelling, excellent DLC stories that often outperform the main game.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, however, cannot be claimed to be similar. The only thing Wonderlands’ DLC gives us is a new dungeon and boss, which get boring soon. It costs ten bucks per piece of DLC or twenty for the Season Pass. The higher-level cap feels more like a hassle than anything else because there is no fresh story content to experience.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s Horse Armor was a pioneering piece of DLC, even though worse DLC has since been released for games at a more fantastic price. The only thing participants get for their $2.50 investment is unattractive armor for their horses.

Even worse, the majority of gamers didn’t care if their horses were armoured or not. The Horse Armor didn’t exactly offer any statistical advantages, though. The Horse Armor is still at the top of fans’ minds, even though Oblivion includes many DLCs that provide more quests and plot content.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t garnered favourable reviews compared to its two main predecessors. Because of this, the Re: Mind DLC had a lot of work to win over dissatisfied players. Unfortunately, most of it feels like repeated content and is therefore not worth the thirty dollars it costs.

Re: Mind effectively recaptures the best moments of Kingdom Hearts 3’s conclusion while adding new bits of information. Additionally, players can take on the roles of Riku and Aqua, albeit for only half the price of the complete game. Selling Re: Mind DLC is challenging.


Due to the widespread use of season passes in modern video games, Evolve chose to release its DLC separately and in a bundle. However, Evolve immediately agitated its fanbase by leaving out some of the new content from its Season Pass.

A game’s new content can be purchased at once with a season pass while paying a slightly reduced price. There is a problem with the pass’ core architecture if players still have to go out and buy specific stuff.

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