Former U.S. Attorney claims that the DOJ is not being transparent enough about the Trump raid

The Department of Justice has been under fire from a former U.S. attorney for not being transparent enough about the contentious raid on the residence of former president Trump.

On “CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto,” John P. Fishwick Jr., a former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, claimed that the DOJ had not been open enough with the American people about its investigation of Trump.

“Now, seeing what we see and also seeing what’s redacted, is there enough transparency from DOJ here?” asked Poppy Harlow, a CNN host.

I don’t think there is, said Fishwick.

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He added, “I think ultimately Merrick Garland’s job here is to get buy-in from the American public that the investigation is being conducted fairly and transparently and ultimately the American people are the jury on this case. They need to know what the evidence is against a former President.”

Previous President Obama’s appointee Fishwick argued that a former president should be regarded differently and similarly to Vice President Biden.

“Yes, a former President of the United States is different. We have to treat that person differently, and we need to make sure that Donald Trump is treated the same as Joe Biden would be if he left office,” he stated. 

Fishwick argued, “You can’t just suddenly indict a former President without telling the public why.”

After the FBI conducted the unusual raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home earlier this month, Republicans came to his support. Even some Democrats expressed worry over the attack, including past Democratic presidential candidates Andrew Yang and Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York.

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“DOJ must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives, or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation & legitimacy of January 6 investigations,” Cuomo said with through his tweet. 

Yang claimed that the raid would “strengthen” the argument that the government is targeting Trump.

“I’m no Trump fan. I want him as far away from the White House as possible. But a fundamental part of his appeal has been that it’s him against a corrupt government establishment. This raid strengthens that case for millions of Americans who will see this as unjust persecution,” he tweeted.

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