For the second day in a row, government employees protest in Jammu, demanding that they be transferred from Kashmir

Following a succession of targeted killings by terrorists in Kashmir, a group of government employees, largely teachers, held a sit-in here for the second day on Friday to demand for their removal from Kashmir to their home districts in the Jammu region.

After their colleague, Rajni Bala, was shot dead by terrorists at a school in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Tuesday, these staffers have returned to Jammu.

On Thursday, demonstrators marched from the Press Club to Ambedkar Chowk under the guise of the ‘All Jammu-based reserved categories employees association,’ and on Friday, they held another sit-in at Panama Chowk in the city’s core.

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“We will not return to Kashmir to perform our responsibilities in the current dangerous situation that has resulted from the targeted killings. We would sooner die here than return, “Surinder Kumar expressed his thoughts.

He urged the government to pay attention to their demand and ensure their transfer from Kashmir to Jammu.

They had already served in Kashmir for 15 years, according to Kumar, and “are not willing to return to be slaughtered by terrorists.”

Women teachers who took part in the demonstration stated that they would not return to the Valley due to security concerns.

“In Kashmir, where are the safe zones? We must relocate, enrol our children in local schools, and fulfil our responsibilities “a mother expressed herself.

She claimed that they had been living amicably with the indigenous population in Kashmir for the past decade, but that targeted deaths had made them fearful.

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