For the Scream 6 premiere, Demi Lovato channelled Ghostface

Given that Scream is one of the most well-known horror franchises ever, it’s hardly surprising that the most recent entry, Scream 6, which stars Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, and Courteney Cox, has generated a lot of hype. Fans of the movie’s masked serial murderer Ghostface are anticipating more jump scares, and as it turns out, Demi Lovato is too. The artist, who is a huge fan of the movies, even contributed a special song called “Still Alive” to the soundtrack.

Although horror is by far my favorite movie genre, Lovato specifically loves this franchise’s element of tongue-in-cheek comedy. And their cameos are usually the best!

The concept of survival is explored in Lovato’s newest song. She claims that we can all connect to the internal and external struggles that the Scream final girls face. The song, which Lovato co-wrote with Laura Veltz and Mike Shinoda, is an anthem about perseverance and rising again after a setback, According to Lovato. “This song felt like the right fit for the film,” the author said. “The people in the movie know something about that.”

Scream 6 premiere

Even though Lovato doesn’t appear in the movie, she claims to have done press with some of the cast members, including Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, and Hayden Panettiere, and she was greatly moved by their performances. According to Lovato, “They’re such a fantastic group of young actors who have been able to win over a new generation of fans, and their performances in this new film are next level.

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At the world premiere of the movie last night in New York City, Lovato reconnected with a few of the cast members. Lovato’s red carpet appearance paid homage to the movie and was styled by Maleeka Moss (with glam from hairstylist Valerie Vanessa and makeup artist Colby Smith). specifically, Ghostface’s well-known black robe. (She didn’t wear a mask.) According to Lovato, she wanted to find a style that was both red-carpet beautiful and included a wink and a nod to the movie.

She selected a fitted black column gown by Chiara Boni La Petite Robe with long sleeves for fall 2023. It wasn’t simple, admits Lovato. “I had a couple of looks, but something was missing. “We were aware that the proper balance had to be struck. As I put it on, I instantly realised it was perfect for me and that it fit like a glove.

She continued the rocker ethos of her “Holy Fvck Tour” last year with the edgy-chic style she donned to her red carpet debut. According to Lovato, “my last album and tour leaned heavily on rock, and my look was kind of an homage to the genre and ’90s grunge movement. “My roots will always be in a rock, and the music I’m making now plays off that. This red carpet look reflects that while also paying homage to the movie and the song “Still Alive.”

You’re in luck if you’re wondering whether Lovato will release any additional music following Scream. The singer claims she has already returned to the studio to begin work on the upcoming record. With my most recent tour, I felt more inspired than ever; getting to travel the world and perform in front of fans rekindled my love, so I have been composing a lot lately, adds Lovato. I had the privilege of working in the studio with Alice Cooper, another legendary rock musician who has influenced my sound, only last week.

When she does release that album, you can anticipate a completely new period in fashion as well. Lovato declares, “I plan on putting out some more fashion moments this year. I’m very into fashion recently since it helps me to sync visuals with my vocal performance. “I’m incredibly pleased to be in a situation where my artistic endeavor’s in music and fashion feel in harmony. This year, I’m prepared to start even faster!

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