For the Boston Celtics, Blake Griffin honors Dennis Rodman by donning No. 91.

Blake Griffin, a recent addition to the Boston Celtics, will honor late power player Dennis Rodman by donning the No. 91 for the team.

After spending two seasons with the Brooklyn Nets, where he eventually lost his spot in the rotation, Blake Griffin is in the closing stages of his NBA career. He has a lot to offer a competitive team with little risk because he is an experienced player who is willing to negotiate a minimum contract.

Griffin was therefore signed by the Boston Celtics when Danilo Gallinari’s season-ending injury from EuroBasket 2022 was announced. He won’t be a star player for the Celtics, but he will add some depth to the frontcourt. Griffin will don No. 91 this season as a tribute to NBA star Dennis Rodman, according to the Celtics.

Griffin also changed jersey numbers because the Celtics have already retired all of his last jersey numbers. For Kevin McHale, the No. 32 he wore with the Clippers, the No. 23 he wore with the Detroit Pistons, and the No. 2 he wore with the Brooklyn Nets have all been retired. Red Auerbach’s No. 2 has also been retired.

What position will Griffin fill on the Boston Celtics?

The season will get off to a difficult start for the Boston Celtics. In addition to losing Robert Williams at the beginning of the season, their head coach, Ime Udoka, has been suspended for the entire year due to a relationship at work.

In some lineup configurations, Griffin can serve as the centre while also serving as a frontcourt reserve for players like Jayson Tatum and Al Horford. He has recently demonstrated his ability to stretch the floor, so the Celtics will be counting on him to improve on that talent.

Being underestimated as a passer for his size, Blake’s addition will also provide playmaking support for the bench lineups. Griffin has much to prove if he wants to extend his NBA career, so the Celtics made a wise choice in signing him.

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