For Policy ChangesVotes on twitter?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, declared in a post on December 19 that he will hold votes on Twitter for significant policy changes. He also mentioned that there were many problems with Twitter that needed to be fixed, and that they will soon be doing so by retaining what works and altering what doesn’t. Musk acknowledged and said he will conduct votes on significant policy changes on Sunday.

A few minutes later, he published a poll asking if he ought to step down. The strategy of banning accounts that promote other social networking sites was later the subject of a Votes on twitter Safety account. Over the weekend, Twitter also unveiled a new policy that forbids accounts “established primarily” for the purpose of promoting other social media platforms.

A few hours after the decision was made, Musk announced he would amend the policy since it led to the suspension of at least one well-known account. He also incited animosity among users and advertisers by changing Twitter’s rules, which has caused confusion about what information can and cannot be shared Votes on twitter.

On Sunday, Twitter announced that users will no longer be allowed to advertise their accounts on rival social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. However, the site’s capricious CEO and owner Elon Musk appeared to reverse course on the new rule mere hours later. The unexpected modification in the rules was the most recent in a slew of divisive changes made by Musk since taking over the company in October.

Should Elon leave Twitter poll?

On Sunday, Elon Musk questioned Twitter users about his leadership of the social media platform. A Twitter “poll” that concluded on Monday after 12 hours received more than 17 million votes, with 57.5 percent of the vote clearly supporting his resignation.

Can you see votes on Twitter?

Votes are secret; neither poll workers nor pollees will be aware of who cast a ballot. One Votes on twitter user. Favorite any other tweet, tweeps can reply, share, retweet, and like polls.

Should Musk step down from Twitter?

By the time the poll ended on Monday, more than half of the 17.5 million users who participated in Elon Musk’s poll about whether he should quit running Twitter had voted in favour. Musk has stated he will follow the poll’s findings, but neither Twitter nor Musk made any quick announcements on what will take place next.

How do you create a poll on Tweetdeck?

While Tweetdeck has long had the ability to display polls in tweets, you can now make polls directly within the app. Simply press the bar graph symbol to open the poll creation tools, which are located below the compose box.

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