For manufacturing MediaTek Edge SoC Intel takes the stakes

Check read this article to learn more about Intel acquiring the production rights to the MediaTek Edge SoC:

To efficiently work on developing and building the smart Edge chipset once more for chipset manufacturing giant, MediaTek, Intel’s semiconductor foundry private business has claimed that it has already been granted a new contract with MediaTek.

Chipset for MediaTek Edge will be produced by Intel.

Intel, the fourth-largest creator and producer of computer chipsets worldwide, has signed a deal with MediaTek, a well-known Taiwanese smartphone chipset manufacturer.

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In addition to producing smartphone chipsets, the company also makes a variety of other consumer electronics chips that are used in the production of almost two billion devices annually, including wireless communication chipsets, television chipsets, and chipsets for all consumer electronics.

MediaTek has been significantly dependent on TSMC for many years to provide high-quality chipsets. TSMC, which stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation, actually manufactures all of MediaTek’s chips.

But MediaTek has already made a strategic decision to use Intel’s Foundry Services, sometimes known as IFS. Furthermore, with this new deal, Intel will help MediaTek focus and be ready to produce more and more research as well as improvements to its chipset for the coming phase, according to Randhir Thakur, President of Intel’s IFS.

The president added that they may be able to make excellent use of their mix of advanced processing technology and geographically wide capacity to help MediaTek develop a new line of goods.

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Manufacturing of MediaTek chipsets is based on the Intel platform.

The newly constructed MediaTek chipset will, in fact, be made on the Intel 16 process, which would be a recently upgraded version of the 22FFL node that is also designed and made for low-power devices, according to sources.

Nevertheless, the design has not really been made public. In contrast to previous manufacturing chipsets that use internal toolkits, Intel 16 supports third-party chipset design tools.

Additionally, it has been said that the business would aim to increase its supply chain. The business hopes to establish a long-lasting alliance to suit the needs of its goods. As of right now, there has been no such update on the procurement, creation, or even delivery of this chipset under the Intel basis.

In what manner will Intel make the MediaTek chipset?

According to Intel, it will spend $20 million on enhancing its whole IFS production business.

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