Fans of Macross still find Harmony Gold’s Robotech offensive

Hello friends today we will talking about Harmony Gold. Macross is currently the second-most well-known and distinctive mecha anime franchise after Gundam. The series’ idea has made it particularly attractive within its genre and has given rise to other shows and memorable tunes.

The original series’ imagery represents vintage 1980s anime, inspiring several Future Funk and Vaporwave artworks. Sadly, Macross also gave rise to another, much more contentious product Harmony Gold.

The American cartoon Robotech from the 1980s was based primarily on the Super Dimension Fortress Macross series. Even though many people who grew up watching it adore it, the anime series is despised for the Americanization and censorship it represents. Not to mention the fact that the franchise keeps Macross in Japan, turning a show that many people grew up watching into a target of mecha fan ire.

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Robotech Spliced Three 1980s Anime Together and Censored Them

Robotech, a cartoon series created by Harmony Gold USA, was a synthesis of three distinct anime programmes. A multi-generational scenario about conflict with alien invaders was woven together by Harmony Gold using footage from Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA.

There was some censorship to allow for airing on American children’s television at the time, and the transitions between show material could be difficult. Nevertheless, a story that ought to have failed somehow managed to succeed.

This was many of the young Westerners’ first exposure to the kind of narrative that would come to be associated with Anime. Robotech had a vast, ongoing plot built upon itself as opposed to the unimportant, episodic storyline found in many Western cartoons of the day. The show’s multiple “Robotech Wars” felt real, and character acts had real significance and weight. This introduction educated a generation of kids about “real” Anime, yet due to its influence on the source material, just as many anime enthusiasts now disapprove of Robotech.

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Robotech Stopped the West’s Macross Franchise

Many Macross supporters disagree with Robotech for “purity” alone, with censorship, perhaps essential, being one of the primary irritants. The idea that Robotech isn’t the “genuine deal” is also strengthened by combining three unconnected shows. Robotech’s worst aspect has nothing to do with how good the programme was; instead, it had to do with how it harmed its parent series.

The trademarks and ownership of the Robotech and Macross licences were the subjects of an ongoing legal battle. According to Big West, Harmony Gold had no rights to the Macross franchise beyond the first series. This means that the majority of the Macross films, and notably adored shows like Macross Frontier, have not yet been released in America. The subsequent Macross works finally made it to the West in 2021, marking the conclusion of this legal dispute. However, many fans dislike Harmony Gold for keeping those shows out of America long.

The fact that Harmony Gold did so nothing with Robotech outside of the initial series only served to exacerbate this. Over the years, there have undoubtedly been comic books, novels, and video games, but the franchise has never undergone a complete relaunch like other ’80s television franchises like Transformers. Robotech is unsalvageable for mecha anime purists since there is only the original show to go on, and that show is considered to be a “poor man’s Macross.” Although it may have introduced many of them to Anime, it also prevented other, far superior shows from being broadcast in America.

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