Fan-Made Spider-Man 2 Concept Video Demonstrates Character Switching in GTA 5 Style

The Unreal Engine 5 concept video maker Teaser lay has a new video up on YouTube that shows off a potential character change system for Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac. Last year, PlayStation revealed Spider-Man 2 with a great CG teaser that teased the arrival of Spider-Man villain Venom and the return of Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Since releasing the Spider-Man 2 announcement trailer, Insomniac has kept silent regarding the upcoming game and its features. While there are rum ours that a significant Spider-Man 2 reveal will occur soon, YouTube channel Teaser lay has produced a stunning Unreal Engine 5 concept film that shows how a Grand Theft Auto 5-inspired character switching feature might seem in the game.

There have been rumor’s that Spider-Man 2 may offer a character swapping system similar to Grand Theft Auto, allowing players to switch between different characters at any time. Spider-Man 2 has both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Although Insomniac Games has not yet confirmed this, it seems like an intriguing plan for the developer to include Miles Morales and Peter Parker in the upcoming game. Venom is included in Teaser Play’s version, and watching it in action is intriguing.

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Again, it should be noted that Insomniac hasn’t given away very much about Spider-Man 2 as of this writing, so this video is entirely based on conjecture. However, it does appear to be a sound strategy for giving Miles Morales and Peter Parker similar weight in the game. The alternative would be for Spider-Man 2 to support co-op, but it’s unclear if Insomniac will take that direction or keep the game primarily focused on single-player.

Another intriguing idea is Venom becoming a third playable character. Venom is now portrayed as more of an anti-hero than a pure villain. Therefore it could make more sense for him to play a similar role in Spider-Man 2 than as one of the main antagonists as previously assumed.

When it comes to the playable characters in Spider-Man 2, Venom would essentially take the place of Trevor. Venom is shown in the video rummaging among trash when the player switches to him, which contrasts Peter Parker and Miles Morales hanging out on roofs in New York City.

So that fans can learn more officially about what Spider-Man 2 has in store for them when it comes next year, it is hoped that the rumours of a fresh Spider-Man 2 revelation happening shortly are accurate.

Spider-Man 2 will launch in 2023 for PS5.

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