Dragon Ball The Beakers adds three new villains

The asymmetrical multiplayer game Dragon Ball The Breakers, newly launched by Bandai Namco, pits ordinary people against well-known Dragon Ball franchise villains. There are three playable villains in the game right now, but there are still a number more characters who would be ideal.

Dragon Ball The Beakers

Dragon Ball: The Breakers has already covered all the obvious choices for any Dragon Ball game with playable Raiders Frieza, Cell, and Buu (with Great Ape Vegeta on the way). Additionally, because of the evolution concept in the game, new Raiders will need to have a variety of possible transformations or states, drastically reducing the pool of potential characters.

Goku Black Has Experience in Terrifying Civilians

For Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Goku Black, better known as Zamasu, would be ideal. It would be simple to equip Goku Black with a potent Raider moveset given his arsenal of assaults, which includes the black Kamehameha, the god slicer, and divine retribution.

Goku Black possesses the ideal number of transformations for The Breakers—four. He would begin in his most basic state. Goku Black can become a Super Saiyan Rosé at level two, gaining his recognisable scythe and potent ki blasts. He could combine with normal Zamasu for level three to obtain significant power. Fusion Zamasu’s corrupted form would offer a wild and chaotic ability akin to Kid Buu for his unique story four transformations.

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Rampaging as Broly Would Be a Never-Ending Laugh

Though technically not evil compared to antagonists like Frieza or Goku Black, Broly has been known to go on the rampage indiscriminately under the right conditions. The hazy nature of time in The Breakers would undoubtedly permit a furious Broly from before he became Goku’s friend.

There are several possible transformation paths for Broly. Players might control his father, Paragus or Broly in his base form in his first level. Super Broly, the normal Saiyan power-up, would be his third form. At level four, Broly assumed his Legendary Super Saiyan Form and significantly increased in size and strength.

Could Android 17 Restore the GT Timeline?

In addition to nearly destroying Future Trunks’ history, fighting the Z fighters in the regular timeline, and attempting to kill Super Saiyan 4 Goku in Dragon Ball GT as Super 17, Android 17 has repeatedly threatened the world as a machine unconcerned with human life. Super 17 is a definite possibility because of the connection between Dragon Ball: The Breakers and the Xenoverse games, which feature GT villains.

With what Spopovich does for Buu, the Android 17 Raider would begin as Dr Gero gathers energy. Dr Gero would activate Android 17 during the stage two transition. Level three might be Hell Fighter 17, the GT machine mutant.

There is a tonne of intriguing villains that Dragon Ball: The Breakers can use as Raiders, given the size of the Dragon Ball universe.

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