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Donald Trump NFTs seem to be a rip-off from small clothing brands

Donald Trump NFTs just debuted his own NFT line, which was immediately out of stock. The most valuable NFT in his collection sold for more than 20 ETH, and the average price was still more than twice that of the original minting price of $99 at the time. In order to guarantee tickets to meet Donald Trump for dinner, golf, or a video call, several people also created numerous NFTs. Trump’s NFTs now appear to be a simple imitation of cheap apparel labels.

Are Donald Trump NFTs copied?

Donald Trump NFTs are poorly manipulated pictures of him wearing various outfits and looks, as you are aware if you have looked at them. The “wonderful art of my Life & career,” as he puts it. I think Trump’s name and the minimum base price of $99 were the only factors that caused it to sell out. However, it does not shield him from the internet.

The majority of these photographs are taken from the internet. Reverse image searches can be used to locate them. It’s also feasible that the NFT collection’s creators merely generated these photos using basic AI rather than creating them.

Here, you can see that the right picture and the left image are identical, with the exception of colour and a few minor features. The finer elements on both photos are comparable, if you look closely. similar to the coat’s wrinkles or how the hands are held. The right image is a representation of a product from a California costume store. It doesn’t appear that even their consent was sought in order to utilise these images for the NFTs.

Trump’s claims

Trump still wants everyone to think that he is superior to Lincoln and Washington despite having sold these shoddy NFTs to his supporters. Additionally, he considers the benefit of dining with him to be excellent. The fact that Donald Trump NFTs are a personal endeavour and have nothing to do with his political ascent should also be noted. Additionally, the organisation behind these NFTs is dubious and lacks legal addresses and offices.

What do you think of Donald Trump NFTs appearing to be a copycat of budget apparel brands? And do you believe that this collection will just damage his reputation? Inform us. Share our information with your relatives and friends if you find it to be useful.

Trump Has an NFT Collection?

Trump’s NFTs, or “cards,” have artwork that represents various aspects of his life and career, as CryptoPotato revealed on Thursday. The souvenirs showed him in a variety of settings and attire, such as a racecar driver, an astronaut, and a cowboy.

Trump’s Crypto Flip Flop?

Trump has previously criticised Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, calling them “scams” that threaten the supremacy of the US dollar. He nevertheless encouraged his wife’s NFT venture last year.

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