Does No Man Sky on the Nintendo Switch support multiplayer?

For those who wish to enjoy this incredible sci-fi adventure game in a more laid-back setting, No Man Sky is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Contrary to the 2016 debut, marred by performance problems, bugs, and a shortage of features and content, the most recent edition is jam-packed with incredible additions. The most recent Waypoint Update, in particular, has significantly altered the inventory system. As a result, this is a fantastic time for players to join forces with others or go it alone. Nintendo Switch users may be asking if they can play No Man’s Sky with friends like they can on other systems in light of this.

Is multiplayer available in No Man Sky for the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the multiplayer functionality will not be available when No Man Sky launches on the Nintendo Switch. Thus, Nintendo Switch owners who purchase the game won’t be able to play it with their friends or other Switch users. As a result, they will be left alone to explore the vast No Man’s Sky cosmos.

It’s crucial to note that No Man Sky did not have multiplayer when it was first released in 2016. Two years after the product’s launch, the feature was only added in July 2018. Therefore, No Man’s Sky’s multiplayer functionality may appear in the future. Although Hello Games has affirmed that it would continue to update the Switch version much as it does for other consoles, it has not confirmed if multiplayer will be included in the future. Being brought to the Switch is a massive accomplishment in and of itself because No Man’s Sky is a procedurally generated game, and the Switch is a smaller and less capable platform than its competitors. Therefore, the decision to add multiplayer to No Man’s Sky currently rests with Sean Murray and the Hello Games team.

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