Dark Troopers from The Mandalorian were remixed by Star Wars’ Evil Iron Man

The information that follows includes spoilers for Marvel Comics‘ current release of Star Wars: Darth Vader #27.

The amount of information that fans have access to that the films and even the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series hardly touched on is one of the most intriguing parts of Star Wars: Darth Vader. More information regarding Anakin Skywalker’s fragments that survived and how Vader wanted to revolt against Emperor Palpatine for a while but didn’t know how has been revealed in this comic.

However, Vader’s most recent endeavour, capturing the treacherous Governor Tauntaza, turned out to be emotionally and physically taxing. Fortunately, Vader persevered, maintaining his good standing with Palpatine, and former handmaiden Sabé proved to be a crucial supporter by saving his life. Vader did, however, overlook his target, who had her own customised Iron Man costume that reimagined what the surviving members of the Empire did in The Mandalorian.

Vader’s Battle Against Iron Man’s Armor

In Star Wars: Darth Vader #27 (by Greg Pak, Raffaele Ienco, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna), Vader was astonished to see that Tauntaza possessed a hidden massive Iron Man-like armour. She was able to use Gabredor III’s energy thanks to this cybernetic shell, which Palpatine disapproved of. Vader and the Dark Side were put to the test by the suit’s energy blasts and a weapon Tony Stark would have adored.

Fortunately, he was well-versed in the Force, but the Sith warlord was nonetheless taken aback by the explosion. After having her gun taken away, Tauntaza decided to go, making it evident that they would fight again in the future. It does imply that she might have more incredible technology if she managed to escape the flames when the time came. Her all-black outfit was intriguing since it was a tribute to Vader, the Sith, and even more so, a reworking of the Dark Troopers from Star Wars.

What Led To The Mandalorian’s Reappearance

The original cyborg concept called for Imperial spies to operate these suits, but that idea was dropped. In The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon discovered this, transforming them into a full-fledged droid army that Din Djarin found difficult to defeat despite having a Beskar spear. Fortunately, Luke Skywalker showed up there and destroyed the robots, saving Grogu and Din. He arrived for Baby Yoda by chance, and he got to cut up this legion, which resulted in Gideon’s incarceration as well.

It seems evident that Gideon intended to utilise this army as a genocidal kill squad, and Tauntaza appears to have shared these goals. It is unclear, however, whether she would sell it to Crimson Dawn, the rebels, or back to Palpatine. The fact that Tauntaza’s armour was a terrifying interpretation of the original designs for the Dark Troopers had supporters anticipating that, in addition to using a battle suit in person, Tauntaza has a fleet of them she can remotely pilot wherever she is. If the Emperor is using Tauntaza as a pawn, it would bow once more to Stark’s Iron Legion and provide Vader with the ultimate challenge against stronger, greater Dark Troopers.

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