Conjuring 2:James Wan To Return To The Sequel

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s fantastic on-screen chemistry as the fearless demon-hunting pair Ed and Lorraine Warren elevates “The Conjuring” franchise as some of the best horror films of the past ten years. James Wan’s “The Conjuring 2” succeeds as a horror movie with a love story as its secret ingredient, effective jumpscares, a genuinely affecting ghost story, and romance.

One of the best love sequences in horror movie history can be found in the sequel, and James Wan was so affected by it that he agreed to take over directing duties once more.

The musical genius of Ed Warren

James Wan created several horror franchises, like “Saw,” but “The Conjuring” has his most fantastic love story to date. Wan uses a highly fictitious portrayal of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to tell this story. When looking into the supernatural, there are a lot of risks, but Wan uses the unlikely romance between Ed and Lorraine to keep his characters grounded.

When Ed picks up the guitar in “The Conjuring 2,” he sings a stunning cover of Elvis Presley’s hit song “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Although the purpose of his performance is to comfort a family after a demonic apparition, it is evident to viewers that he is singing the song to his wife. Recently, Wan uploaded a video of the recording to his individual Instagram account. Wan cited the scene as why he decided to return to direct “The Conjuring 2”: the actor Patrick Wilson is singing the song in the video.

Wan’s Favourite Scene

It’s Wan’s favourite scene in the picture as well. The director’s commentary provides viewers with the context for the scene: “My favourite sequence from the movie “C2” shows how the characters support and comfort the family while also highlighting Lorraine’s conflicted feelings and her fear of losing Ed (played perfectly by Vera). When pitching the idea for the movie to Patrick, this was the first thing that came to mind. He said, “That’s the other thing I do,” when I asked him if he could sing and play the guitar.”

The Characters Are What The Conjuring 2 Is About

In an interview with /Film’s Jack Giroux back in 2016, horror director James Wan elaborated on his admiration for the scene. He discussed Farmiga and Wilson’s roles and how the movie’s Elvis tribute impacted the story. With “The Conjuring,” Wan wanted to try something different, so he spent time making characters that viewers would grow to know and care about—something they wouldn’t find in a “normal” horror film.

“There Are Many Layers To It”

Wan offered his opinion on the incident, noting how complex it was.

“When Patrick tries to gather the family, it’s one of my favourite scenes in the movie. In my opinion, the scene where he plays them an Elvis song says a lot about how we feel about his persona and interactions with the family. Additionally, that single scene has a lot of layers. Although it’s a montage scene, it also conveys Lorraine’s feelings about everything and helps the family feel better about what’s occurring.”

The world of “The Conjuring” is the most successful horror franchise. Although the movies received mixed reviews from critics when they first came out, Ed and Lorraine’s on-screen romance helped to make it into a genuinely unique horror franchise.

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