Chicago Bulls vs Boston Celtics, To Head To The Faceoff

Last week, the Chicago Bulls defeated the Miami Heat in a decisive opening night victory. It was a terrific way to start the season against a top squad, and earning the sizable triumph on the road made it even better. Also impressive is the fact that Zach LaVine wasn’t present.

Chicago Bulls

LaVine was later returned to the Bulls, but nothing productive came of it. Since that first game, they have dropped two and are presently 1-2 for the year. They want to perform considerably better in their home debut against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday night.

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A final score of 128-96 destroyed them on their home court. It wasn’t that close, honestly. Every team’s star player had a disappointing night by their standards. Knowing what transpired in the last few seconds of the previous game makes this problematic. It’s time to recover right now.

The Bulls host the Boston Celtics in another home game on Monday night. You can tell that this Celtics team is exceptionally excellent because they recently fell to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. There is no denying that this will be difficult.

Miami Heat

Everyone anticipated that would also apply to the Miami Heat. With their star player missing, the Bulls shocked them. Now that he’s back, they ought to be able to do well in this one. They will have to give it their all, but there is no room for laziness after the previous game.

Of course, if they lose it and go 1-3, the season won’t end, but they shouldn’t want to. When a team goes on a losing streak, things may quickly spiral out of control. They will have a challenging year, but they can still pick up some victories.


There won’t be as much tolerance for error in the second half since they won’t be the most incredible team in the NBA through Christmas. After two difficult losses over the weekend, this game versus Boston is a fantastic opportunity to get back on track. To gain some momentum would be fantastic.

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