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Hello friends today we will talking about Vivo FunTouch OS 13. It’s time for Vivo to make some announcements now that other companies have shared their plans for releasing the Android 13 update. FunTouch OS 13 has been made available to customers worldwide by Vivo, which sells phones under that brand.

Based on Android 13, the brand-new FunTouch OS 13 features a fresh look, improved privacy and customising possibilities, among other things. The smartphone manufacturer hopes to provide a better and more seamless experience to its users with the next version of the OS.

Talking about the features of Vivo FunTouch OS 13:-

– It has a feature for monochromatic icons. Users can now customise the colour of the home screen icons to match their wallpaper, operating system, and application interfaces.

– It also allows users to customize colors on their system’s UI and built-in apps.

– App pinning, another feature of Vivo FunTouch OS 13, aids in protecting critical data. The owner can set restrictions and manage the actions that are permitted within the pinned app when other users are using the device, according to Vivo, who claims that this new feature provides better flexibility.

– Along with the iManager, which will assist track app usage time, Vivo is also introducing improved application administration. Reduce the number of active applications using iManager to avoid overheating.

– Weather and AQI card, on the dashboard with the weather display there is also an AQI card which tells the quality of air.

– According to Vivo, the new Vivo FunTouch OS 13 improves video editing, allowing users to muffle the audio of the video while editing the footage and even make precise volume adjustments on individual video segments.

– The company has improved colour correction and inversion for accessibility, and it has also added the option to turn off animations for users who have particular needs, like visual impairments.

These are the features of Vivo FunTouch OS 13 which will be available on some of the Vivo phones.

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