Celine Dion Postpones Her Dates of Courage World Tour to 2024, Discloses About Her Illness

The singer explained that the ailment is impacting every part of her everyday life, sometimes causing issues when she walks and not allowing her to use her vocal chords to sing the way she used to.

In response to a diagnosis of the rare neurological ailment known as Stiff-Person, Celine Dion is postponing and cancelling dates of her Courage World Tour once more.

Celine Dion Illness

The Grammy-winning musician Celine Dion shared details about her condition and how it’s related to the health problems she’s had in recent months that have prevented her from touring in an Instagram video posted on Thursday (see below). She told fans that she has always been open about her life and that she is now “ready to say anything.”

The singer revealed that she has had health issues for a long time and that it has been quite challenging for her to deal with the condition’s effects.

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She acknowledged how painful it is to inform her supporters that she won’t be prepared to resume her European tour in February.

Dion revealed that her medical team, including a sports medicine therapist, is currently working to help her regain her strength and her performance capacity.

Her 14th concert tour, Dion’s Courage World Tour, was first announced in April 2019 with a September start date. Following the rescheduling of numerous U.S. concerts due to a cold that month, a series of Montreal appearances were cancelled due to a throat illness. The COVID-19 pandemic would then force the cancellation of the entire North American trip. Dion had just finished the first 52 performances of her world tour in North America.

Since then, Dion has postponed her residency in Las Vegas and scrapped the entire North American portion of her Courage World Tour, blaming the adjustments on her chronic muscle spasms. The world tour’s European leg The singer originally postponed appearances in Europe and the United Kingdom until February 2023, but in remarks posted today, she revealed that those spring 2023 performances would be moved to 2024 and that eight summers 2023 performances would be cancelled.

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