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Anthony Pompliano reacts to the Canadian Government’s Imposition of Emergencies Act

Canadian government decided to punish the so- called Freedom Convoy. They achieved this by blocking the protestors’ financial rights. Anthony Pompliano condemned the measures taken by the Canadian government and believes that BTC, with the government’s incapability to stop it, might be the only solution to this problem.

In his recent podcast and You Tube address, Anthony shared his views on the current situation in the country.  He stated that it seems Bitcoin is the only for citizens of Canada to save themselves from the authoritarian rule of government since no government has the ability to control censorship- resistant BTC.

Freedom Convoy, organized by far- right activists,

saw its beginning on 28 January 2022. It included truck drivers who were protesting against the international travel restrictions that were imposed by the Canadian government. The restrictions required all the people entering the country to be vaccinated against COVID-19. These truckers which are a part of this Freedom Convoy, blocked all the international bridges and border crossings in several Canadian states to show their disagreement and displeasure at the decision taken by the Canadian Government.

In response to this, the Canadian government took a step

which was never before used in the history of the country. The government invoked the Emergencies Act which gave banks and other central financial service providers the power and the order to immediately suspend or freeze the account of any individual or business that is affiliated with these protests. As an extension of the act, Canada’s terrorist financing rules as well as anti- money laundering rules were broadened so as to cover crowdfunding platforms and “all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.”

In the spirits of such a crackdown, the authorities sanctioned 34 cryptocurrency wallets which were allegedly funding the protests. Among these, 29 were Bitcoin addresses, 1 Ethereum address, 1 Cardano address, 1 Ethereum Classic, 1 Litecoin, and 1 Monero address.

Though the protests are now over,

the participants and donors of the same are living under the fear of losing all their financial holdings along with being bestowed with the term of terrorists, white supremacists, ‘swastika wavers’, and racists by their own government.

And as a retreat to this move of the government, as Crypto Economy reported, many Canadians have withdrawn their money from bank accounts to protect themselves from being subjected to possible government enforcement action. In exchange of traditional methods, the Canadians are now swapping their cash with Bitcoin.

According to Anthony, this is a disgraceful move since

the citizens of their own country are being sanctioned in a way that is reserved for enemies of war. In the closing remarks of his You Tube address, he said, “There is now censorship-resistant technology. Bitcoin is unstoppable. Bitcoin is inevitable and what we are watching is that a decentralized digital currency is being adopted by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Regardless of what your Canadian Government does, regardless of what your bank does, they cant stop you from buying, selling, holding, or transacting in a peer-to-peer network with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is freedom technology and ultimately Bitcoin will be in the hands of everyone.”

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