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An accused software engineer In an official statement to the investigators, Ermenildo Castro, 28, of Tacoma, stated that the 1990 film “Office Space” served as inspiration for the heist.

The dishonest Engineer devised a scheme to transfer consumer fees from his employer, Zulily.com, into his personal bank accounts. The entire story of the occurrence is detailed in the court filings. Official reports claim that Engineer Castro created computer code to trick the online retailer’s checkout screen into crediting his personal account with the shipping charges. $260,000 in stolen shipping costs made up the total charges that Castro was able to collect.

Castro, a skilled software engineer, also altered the prices on Zulily so that he could get about $41,000 worth of goods for “pennies on the dollar.” Castro reportedly delivered more than 1,000 goods to his home in all, according to Zulily’s crew.

Further investigation by the Seattle police revealed that Castro’s laptop contained a document with the heading “OfficeSPACE project” that described his plan to “clean up evidence” by altering audit logs and turning off alarm logging.

The theft started in February and continued until March, when the business found errors in the shipping costs it was charging clients, according to an SPD report. Castro was a member of the group tasked with looking into the matter.

What is Office Space based on?

The “Milton” animated films Judge produced and voiced in the early 1990s served as inspiration for “Office Space,” as did his own experiences as an engineer, which years later made Judge’s “Silicon Valley” feel agonisingly real.

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