Blake Griffin is not the Boston Celtics’ answer to their problems

Blake Griffin is already past his peak and won’t have much of an impact on the Boston Celtics’ chances of winning the NBA championship next year.

With just a few weeks until the start of the NBA season, the Boston Celtics are in a state of chaos and are desperately seeking some semblance of stability. Enter Blake Griffin. He might not be the last piece needed to win the championship, but could the low-risk, low-return wager ultimately turn out to be a brilliant move?

After agreeing to a one-year contract to play for the Boston Celtics, Blake Griffin will don the uniform for his fourth NBA team. He takes Danilo Gallinari’s place, whose injury caused the team’s roster to become disorganised.

When Blake last played, he averaged 6.4 points for the Brooklyn Nets. 1.9 assists and 4.1 rebounds. He connected at a pitiful 26.2 per cent from outside the arc while shooting only 42.5 per cent from the field. With the Celtics, he might have to deal with extra obligations.

The attack was focused on Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum’s skills under Ime Udoka. Although it’s unclear what kinds of tactics new coach Joe Mazulla will employ or how much he’ll rely on his two superstars, it makes sense to spread the load with other players in light of what transpired last year. Gallinari may have been of assistance, but since he got hurt, signing Griffin to a one-year contract is preferable to doing nothing.

Blake Griffin’s peak has already passed. Even while it would be difficult for the most ardent supporters to acknowledge, he has been losing popularity lately. His body has suffered due to the wounds. There is little possibility Blake will contribute significantly, not even in the rebounding area where he would be most needed.

Griffin won’t be a valuable player for the Celtics; he’ll be another body. Expecting the 33-year-old to return in time and resume his 2018 Detroit Pistons Griffin form is ridiculous. Blake was willing to help out in the front office. Could he play a significant role as the Celtics attempt to return to the Finals? The Cleveland Cavaliers have made considerable progress. The Philadelphia 76ers are eager to play, and the Milwaukee Bucks will be seeking payback.

Blake Griffin is a temporary fix to stem the Celtics’ bleeding, but he won’t be the hero some fans hope he will be.

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