Biggest Gaming Flops of 2022, Know About Them Here

Biggest Gaming Flops of 2022

Diablo Immortal

“Diablo Immortal” clearly deserves a dishonorable mention for its extensive usage of microtransactions, even though controversy didn’t slow it down. The game has done incredibly well, making its creator Blizzard tonnes of money but simultaneously infuriating its fan base. The way “Diablo Immortal” commercialized some of the essential gameplay components of loot-based games seemed to be players’ most prominent issue with it. Instead of spending hours grinding and engaging in lethal combat, gamers could spend real money to boost their chances of acquiring good things.

Soon after its release, “Diablo Immortal” achieved the regrettable feat of becoming the lowest-rated Blizzard game ever, but it hasn’t prevented players from enjoying it. “Diablo Immortal” might not be a gaming dud for those who can look past paying for essential game features or don’t mind paying to advance. However, the design of the game seriously injured some players. One gamer, for instance, spent $100,000 to create the ideal character, only to have it all go wrong when they couldn’t find anyone to play PvP with them. Even though Blizzard is said to have tried to fix the problem, some gamers were miffed that it even occurred in the first place.

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Vampire: The Masquerade-Swansong

Both players and fans of the macabre, in general, regard “Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines” as a classic RPG. The game explores the lore of the “Vampire: The Masquerade” tabletop RPG and adapts it into a gameplay experience. It delves into the shadowy underbelly of the universe. Players have longed for a “Bloodlines 2” for a long time, eager to discover what a vampire-themed RPG will be like on the most recent gaming technology. A new “Vampire: The Masquerade” video game was released in 2022, but it wasn’t “Bloodlines 2.” not even close.

Initially scheduled for release in 2021, it would be available in 2022. Even then, the finished result didn’t satisfy the fans. Swansong, according to critics, was a fantastic look into the World of Darkness universe that is famous for the “Vampire” video games. On the other hand, the game incorporated that lore so thoroughly that players were frequently required to consult an in-game codex to decipher the characters’ lingo. This ultimately pulled players away from the plot and made the game seem like homework. Perhaps the worst criticism levelled at “Swansong” was that it was monotonous and that, despite the depth of World of Darkness lore and the large cast of characters, it couldn’t hold players’ interest.

Chocobo GP

Growing up in the 1990s and the early 2000s, “Chocobo Racing” for the PS1 was a bizarre spinoff game that many youngsters loved. Its spiritual sequel, “Chocobo GP,” aimed to make money off the now-adult fans who grew up with the game. When developing “Chocobo GP,” Square Enix was unmistakably going for what those nostalgic adults had: Money. A Season Pass-based live service system was used in “Chocobo GP,” which many players believed was superfluous and increased the cost of an already reasonably priced game. In contrast to other vintage racing games like “Mario Kart” or “Diddy Kong Racing,” “Chocobo GP” felt greedy, according to Destructoid’s review. It lacked the simplicity of games where players can play to unlock new characters without paying any extra money.

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Some reviews of “Chocobo GP” stated that it was inferior to other racing games, particularly “Mario Kart,” in addition to the problems gamers had about the premium currency. Inverse argued that “Chocobo GP,” which competed directly with “Mario Kart” on the Nintendo Switch, was dull and unoriginal. Even though the charming Chocobo were adorable, gamers had no reason to purchase “Chocobo GP” because of the poor tracks and expensive live service model.

Gotham Knights

It should be noted that “Gotham Knights” isn’t a failure in the conventional sense. Numerous copies were sold, and many fans enjoyed exploring Gotham as members of the Bat family, who were rarely seen in video games. It was different from what many gamers had hoped for, though, which caused some uncertainty before its debut.

The “Gotham Knights'” graphical fidelity left many fans wanting more. Many gamers reportedly cancelled their preorders due to Warner Bros. Interactive’s decision to exclude a higher framerate, according to GGRecon. The lack of a performance mode in the game infuriated players, and several posted images of their cancelled preorders online.

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Many of those supporters had valid reasons when the game finally started. According to critics, “Gotham Knights” had performance problems on almost every platform and the story and combat weren’t distinctive enough to make up for its flaws. Some gamers didn’t think they received the game they were promised with “Gotham Knights,” even though it was well marketed and sold copies.


When “CrossfireX” was postponed in 2020, “Crossfire” supporters were slightly miffed. But that didn’t imply that there was cause for alarm. After all, Remedy, the team behind the beloved “Control,” had agreed to work on “CrossfireXsingle-player “‘s campaign and had been doing so since 2016 with Smilegate, who would make the multiplayer experience (via Eurogamer). The “Crossfire” franchise has a strong track record of success, and because of its high sales figures, it even made its creator ridiculously wealthy. Fans had no reason to worry, for sure.

Fans wouldn’t see “CrossfireX” until 2022, even though the delay was revealed in 2020, and even then, it wouldn’t be welcomed. CrossfireX received a pitiful 38 out of 100 on the combined Metacritic score since critics seemed to loathe it. With a score of.5/5 and a description of the single-player campaign as “a generally miserable experience from start to finish,” Game Rant was highly critical of the FPS. Similar criticisms of the multiplayer feature were made in the review, which specifically advised players to avoid playing “CrossfireX.” Since “CrossFireX” was poorly received when it first launched, Smilegate wrote a formal letter of apology to gamers, requesting their patience and promising to improve the game in the future. For many, the letter came too late, making “CrossfireX” a failure.

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