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Bigg Boss Telugu 5- Who Will Win the Bigg Boss House?

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is one of the most interesting and exciting television programs which holds maximum TRP. Contestants are so engaging that the audience loves to watch the show. It has become an addiction and marked its excellent position in the most popular TV shows. The two most popular competitors Shanmukh and Siri frequently manage to remain in the headlines of the news.

The most interesting and entertaining thing about them is they always play their role just like Tom and Jerry.  Their fights are indeed like Tom and Jerry in the house. Last night, Shanmukh was having a discussion with Siri questioning her, what would happen to him if she were to get removed this week. Siri appears to be the most self-confident about her role and guarantees him that she will not get expelled from the Bigg boss house so quickly. This conversation was so interesting that people have loved to watch this part.

In case one had to leave the show by unofficial voting polls, Kajal, Siri, and Maanas are in the danger zone at present. As per the story, Siri might get the axe this weekend as she is not doing well with the family members in the house. Her behaviour was not good and other family members are quite upset about this. The most interesting thing is, viewers also claim that she is spoiling Shannu’s game. If Siri gets rejected from the show, there is a high possibility for Shanmukh to be the winner of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.

Alternatively, Shanmukh can give hard competition to his competitor Sunny as his attention will turn towards the trophy from Siri. The scenario of the house is a little complicated and it can change at any time.

Viewers love to watch this kind of competition where fighting is interesting. This is one of the most important reasons for the increasing popularity of this show. Day by day its TRP is increasing.

If RJ Kajal and Maanas are protected, Sunny fans will vote for them, there will be a vote division between Kajal, Sunny, and Maanas. When it is Shanmukh, Siri fans and Shannu fans will be voting for him as they did previously. Undoubtedly, Siri will ensure to get extreme votes for Shannu in case she gets expelled. Therefore, it will be a win situation for Shanmukh. Though Siri gets removed, it will aid him to get success in Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is always trying to make fans happy with the role play assignment where the participants are playing their preferred superstars. Shanmukh was allocated to perform the role of Tamil actor Suriya’s famous character Singham.

Shanmukh is performing his best as Singham. Many aficionados and netizens speak out that Shanmukh’s energy in his dance moves and the continuing skit doesn’t like Suriya as Singham.

With all the activities, it can be said that Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is an outstanding TV show where all the competitors are extremely engaging and entertaining. Everyone is giving his or her best to win the game. Let’s see who will get the trophy!

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