Best Video Games Commercials, Here Is a List of 5 Best Ones

The video game ad, the most crucial marketing component, served as the medium for reaching consumers. A successful advertising effort generated debate and the desire to at least try the game. It sometimes seems like nothing is beyond limits in a gaming ad—emotional appeals, contemporary comedy, trash language. While many advertisements undoubtedly reflect their era, a select few stand out as timeless classics that will never go out of style.

You can tell the competition is tough when Robin Williams, Zelda, Kevin Butler, the adorable Gears of War Mad World, and the BattleTanx Cuddle Bear all fail to cut. There is a tonne of famous and timeless ads, but the passage of time has not always been good for them. These are the ads that still generate a tonne of buzz, spark debates, and stand out as the best representations of the distinctive approach to advertising that video games have taken.

Best Video Games Commercials

Super Mario Brothers 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 hype was an unprecedented level of fevered media infatuation. With this all-time great commercial, Nintendo brilliantly captured the huge desire for their upcoming instalment in the Mario Brothers franchise. Every single individual in the nation was salivating for anything related to Mario 3, and this advertisement delightfully captured the anticipation.

While it’s possible to argue that the entire final scene of the good-bad cult classic movie “The Wizard” is the best advertisement for Super Mario Brothers 3 ever made, we’ll hold off on that claim for now because this advertisement does a fantastic job of conveying the thrilling release and divine reception of an all-time great game.

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Mortal Kombat

The Mortal Monday ad is the greatest video game advertisement of all time because it features the most hyped-up and thrilling set of imagery ever captured on film. Everyone recognised the second “Mortal Kombat” scream as the moment the game industry underwent a lasting change. Oh, yeah, and the music! Even now, watching this commercial causes viewers to go into a frenzy over fighting game deaths.

The longer 2-minute version is the ultimate in early 1990s nostalgia, complete with the appropriate attire, attitude, and music. There is no comparison when talking about the unadulterated excitement this commercial conveys; this is the peak of building anticipation for a game’s debut. The height of enthusiasm and expectation—a perfect win.

Crash Bandicoot

How do you position yourself not next to, but in front of a market-dominating, culturally significant powerhouse like Nintendo? with a bandicoot and a megaphone? One of the best advertisements ever was used to announce Sony’s debut in the home video game system industry. The advertisements did a great job of capturing the irreverence and lovable silliness of Crash Bandicoot while also giving an intriguing glimpse into Nintendo’s enigmatic headquarters.

One of Sony’s best decisions was Crash Bandicoot’s anti-hero, the pro-wrestling-like attitude, and the advertising’ anti-authoritative tone still resonates today. The Crash advertisements are still flawless, but they simply fall short of the force and energy of our number-one submission. Boy plumber!

Super Smash Brothers

The Super Smash Bros commercial is brilliant whether viewers are aware of its satire. Everything is wonderful and then all of a sudden it isn’t, which brilliantly conveys the image of Nintendo’s relatively nice and friendly cast of characters engaging in a no holds barred brawl.

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Given Orange’s frequently overstated, outrageous reputation, A Clockwork Orange is a great movie to mock while portraying charming Nintendo characters engaging in previously unheard-of violent behaviour. It was a great decision that still feels fun and new today to promote this as Nintendo went bad, or as bad as they ever should go, in all honesty.


Sony’s “Michael” commercial, which was first released, evoked strong emotions and intimate feelings in everybody who has ever used a PlayStation. An almost Toy Story-like approach to video games, the characters from our travels hang out and chat with us when the console is turned off.

This advertisement seems to be Sony and its creators’ way of saying “thank you” for supporting their work for all these years and investing so much of our time and effort in it. This is one of the most elegant and clever commercials to ever appear on television.


What is special about the Nintendo commercial?

With this all-time great commercial, Nintendo brilliantly captured the huge desire for their upcoming instalment in the Mario Brothers franchise.

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