Because she was “tired of being tired,” CNN anchor leaves the network.

Christi Paul, a cheerful CNN weekend anchor, wiped away tears as she revealed on Sunday that she was leaving the cable news network because she was “weary of being exhausted” and that she was moving back to her native Ohio to live a simpler life.

She declared during the weekend show, “I am a part of the Great Resignation.” She recalled the trying past two years, starting with the hospitalization of her husband for Covid-19. For approximately three and a half weeks, things were pretty difficult, and there were times when I worried about being a single parent. Particularly when I had to take him to the ER,” she remarked.

Eventually, my spouse and I turned to face one another and asked, “What are we doing? We must return home,” she remarked. Then, in January, she made the choice to go back to Ohio, where she would work as an on-air personality. Next week, she will announce her new employment, according to Paul. I’m heading back to Ohio. I’ll be on the radio,” she announced.

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She claimed that the demands of living in Atlanta and serving as the weekend desk anchor had been too much for her family, forcing her to choose between the two. She remarked about CNN and her coworkers, “I love these people, I love this place.” And I’m so exhausted. I’m really worn out. I was simply unable to be the person my family needs me to be. I’m sick of feeling worn out. She competed in beauty pageants in the past and finished third runner up to Miss Ohio in 1993. Before working for CNN in Atlanta, she worked in Phoenix, Arizona, and Boise, Idaho.

She previously wed a West Virginia-based television journalist, but the union ended when she said he started abusing her. In 2012, Paul published a book titled “Love isn’t supposed to hurt” about victims of abuse. She claimed that her strong Christian faith enabled her to remain in the relationship. In Nashville, she also created two songs, “Wake Up In It” and “Free,” that reflect the issues she discussed in the book. Paul is pictured on the far left with her husband, her three girls, and herself.

She recently got remarried and has three daughters. Paul’s departure occurs as the cable news network undergoes a significant culture change in the wake of Jeff Zucker’s firing for failing to disclose an extramarital relationship with a subordinate and ethical concerns over the channel’s reporting on the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment issue. Christi Paul is pictured at the far left at one of her three daughters’ graduation.

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She submitted her resignation in January, before to Zucker’s departure, according to Paul. She underlined her fatigue on Instagram. I believe that feeling judged has worn us all out, she wrote. She wrote on Facebook, “I also think we have the capacity to alter that. – love, CP.” She claimed to have come to the realisation that while she was replaceable on CNN’s weekend news desk, she couldn’t be replaced as a daughter, wife, or mother to her family.

She then remarked, her voice breaking, “At the end of the day, someone is going to sit in this seat, I’m going to go, and the show will carry on as it should.” But no one else will be the mother of my children. No one else will be my husband’s wife or my parents’ kids, therefore I must be totally, totally present. And it’s been difficult.

For her nine years on the air, she thanks the network, her teammates, and herself. She remarked, “This has been the ride of my life.” Her final remarks were her trademark parting shot, which she has used for almost a decade at the cable network. Go create memorable moments, she advised. I really do. Pictured are Paul, her three daughters, and her husband.

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