Be alert of third-party apps they will lead you to lose all your money in the bank Account

Hello friends today we will talking about third-party apps. Banks have sent out a warning to its consumers who use their smartphones for a variety of transactions. Through an unapproved app gateway, new malware has been developed that allows hackers to steal all user credentials. An innovative mobile banking malware campaign using the SOVA Android Trojan is aimed at banking customers.

The moment a consumer logs into a financial app, all of their information is stolen. This time, specialists claim that the malware in SOVA Android updates can compromise up to 40 banking apps. A number of banks, including HDFC Bank, IDBI Bank, and Karur Vysya Bank, have alerted their customers about the malware or are in the process of doing so. Banking technological experts have stated on social media that downloading any application from a source other than the play store, which is an authorised source, can result in having no money in the bank.

Modus Operandi 

You will receive a link and message in an email or SMS. The moment you click on that link, the corresponding app will start downloading to your phone. You’ll eventually start managing all of the banking and payment apps on your phone. Your encrypted login details will be given to hackers as soon as you log in. Your money would be transferred to the hacker’s account without your knowledge in the following instant.

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