Balerions Skull Moment, Here’s Everything You Should Know

Hello friends today we will talking about Balerions Skull Moment. In House of the Dragon episode 9, Princess Rhaenys Targaryen lived after King Viserys died. But her decision to remain next to Balerion’s skull moment. She fled King’s Landing has more profound implications for both. What has already happened, and what will happen in the future? 

The conclusion of House of the Dragon episode 8 had already set up Viserys’ passing. And Alicent mistakes his dying words. as his final say on who should succeed him. Episode 9 set the stage for the Greens to seize control of King’s Landing. He was hoping that Aegon would put him on the Iron Throne.

Balerions Skull Moment

Only Rhaenys (Eve Best) of the few Rhaenyra supporters managed to escape in House of the Dragon episode 9. because everyone else paid the price for not bowing down when Otto Hightower requested them to support the future Aegon II.

To lead the Queen that Never Was to safety, the Kingsguard knight Erryk Cargyll (Elliott Tittensor) led her by Balerions Skull Moment. as they left the Red Keep. As she never wanted to abandon her dragon Meleys to the Greens. Princess Rhaenys may have thought of a way to go to King’s Landing. in contrast, standing there and admiring one of the enormous dragons. That had last seen Old Valyria. Still, it also prophesied what would happen shortly after.


The moment also contained two more profound implications. one related to Viserys and Rhaenys’ relationship with her cousin. And the other to the spectacular dragon fights that will take place during the Targaryen civil war. Which significantly advanced with the conclusion of the House of the Dragon episode 9.

Balerions Skull Moment with Rhaenys has a deeper connection to Viserys.

Those who had sworn allegiance to Rhaenyra learned of it. Thus, just like the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms. Rhaenys was not allowed to grieve her cousin Viserys. 

Rhaenys had the chance to reflect on Viserys. as she fled King’s Landing by taking one more look at the Black Dread’s skull. The fact that he was still Balerion’s final dragon rider caused Rhaenys to pause. And take one last glance at the dragon. It was a touching moment between her and the memories of her cousin Viserys.

Rhaenys Teases The Dance Of The Dragons Further After Seeing Balerions Skull Moment

Games of Thrones and House of the Dragon describe Balerions Skull Moment as the Targaryens’ most powerful dragon. They lived for around 200 years. Rhaenys getting a good look at Balerion’s skull might have anticipated her dramatic exit scene at Aegon’s coronation. There she could have killed the entire court. Still, it also hinted at the significant aerial battles in the Dance of the Dragons.

Rhaenys and Meleys will perish at Rook’s Rest. House of the Dragon episode 9 previewed all the numerous enormous. The future will bring significant and stunning aerial battles to the Game of Thrones prequel by allowing Rhaenys to look at Balerion’s skull for one more time.

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