August 2022: 7 New Animated Films and TV Shows to Watch

Hello friends today we will talking about 7 New Animated Films and TV Shows. There is animation in August to suit almost every taste. Here are seven picks for August 2022, ranging from Beavis and Butthead to the TMNT.

As Phineas and Ferb’s catchphrase goes, “There are 104 days left of summer vacation, and school just comes along to cut it short. So, for our age, the yearly challenge is coming up with wise ways to spend it.” There is no need to worry even when the weather is scorching and ideas are few halfway through the summer. Streaming platforms have crammed August with new animated content just in time for the summer’s dog days.

Even though a number of fan favourites are receiving fresh seasons this month, the brand-new series steal the show. This month provides something for everyone, whether they are children or adults. There are new shows, animated shorts, and feature-length blockbusters. Here are seven of the most anticipated events for August 2022.

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Beavis and Butthead are back and they’re still hysterically stupid.

Beavis and Butt-Head brought being foolish to tiny screens throughout the country before Jackass and Internet failures provided audiences a chance to groan and giggle at the antics of those who didn’t plan ahead before carrying out half-baked ideas. Beavis and Butthead entertained kids throughout the 1990s while making adults roll their eyes, even when they were laughing themselves. A brand-new generation may now appreciate the egregious idiocy.

The titular characters will be released loose once more to enjoy offensive comedy, misunderstand basic instructions, and utterly fail at everything they attempt. Despite the prevalence of YouTube response videos, Beavis and Butthead have long provided their ongoing comments on MTV videos. There is some evidence to suggest that they may be contributing their “expertise” to the new series’ internet videos. Whatever happens as a result of their mouthiness, it will be entertaining.

The public is let loose by Beavis and Butt-Head on August 4 on Paramount+.

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Super Giant Robot Brothers is a Family-Friendly Entertainment Experience

For years, Netflix has constantly produced original animated children’s programming that adults may enjoy alone, with their families, or to satisfy their inner child. The possibility exists for Super Giant Robot Brothers to become a household favourite. For Super Giant Robot Brothers, the performers, director, and technical team pushed the limits of animation to produce a fluid and lifelike appearance.

Two robot “brothers” are forced to fight against invaders who are determined to seize the planet and use it for themselves under the direction of a teenage genius. The robots battle each other frequently, yet they also stand as one when their way of existence is in danger. It seems like joining this one will be a good time.

Super Giant Robot Brothers Season 1 will be available on Netflix on August 4.

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Return of the Long-Time Favorite with Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Netflix adaptation of the Nickelodeon television series Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is titled Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. Even though fans have adored the Turtles since the late 1980s, it’s always interesting to see how a new studio and a new group of writers view the heroes.

Even though the plot and actors are well known, the time travel element gives the film new life. Splinter, April, and Casey, three of the turtles, must battle the Krang, an extraterrestrial species that poses a danger to human existence on Earth. As always, the Turtles defeat the forces of evil while delivering comedy and action.

On August 5, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie debuts on Netflix.

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The zany adventure LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

Fans of Star Wars and the LEGO animated series may celebrate together. This August, a further ridiculous trip across the Star Wars galaxy will be released. This time, the entire cast of Star Wars LEGO figures is vacationing during the summer. Those who are good, those who are bad, and those who are weird all set out to get some much-needed rest in between those innumerable wars that will determine the galaxy’s fate.

Even though they usually succeed, the Star Wars team always faces difficult obstacles, especially when the journey includes LEGO silliness. And despite potential difficulties, they eventually get at the shore. Once there, the Star Wars minifigs needed a DJ, and who better to assist them party than the iconic “Weird Al” Yankovic? Every good beach party requires the ideal DJ. He is only one of the famous actors who provide their voices to this comedy. Overall, this quick summer special is sure to be enjoyable.

On August 5, LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation will launch on Disney+.

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Skydance Successfully Enters the Animation World

The full-length animated film Luck is produced by Skydance Animation. While Skydance Media’s animation studio is a relatively young division, the live-action company has already produced a number of box office successes, including the most recent Star Trek films, multiple Mission: Impossible films, and Jack Reacher films. With the simultaneous release of Luck and Spellbound, the animation company is making a big impression with its first foray into feature-length movies.

Sam is the unluckiest girl in the world, and luck follows her as she stumbles onto a fortunate coin that starts to change her life before she loses it. She attempts to retrieve it and stumbles into the Land of Luck, where she sets off a series of events that might engulf the whole population of Earth in misfortune. She will need to stop that catastrophe before it becomes irrevocable with the aid of Bob, a black cat, and other magical animals from the Land of Luck.

Luck will be available for viewing in cinemas on August 4 and on Apple TV+ on August 5.

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I Am Groot: Tiny Groot Finally Gets the Attention He Deserves

The several branches of lore that make up the Marvel Comic Universe have produced a tonne of iconic characters. However, in a world where power reigns supreme, sweetness seems to be in short supply. While Groot has always been a formidable opponent, there are no limits to how sweet he is when he reappear as a twigling. And he uses his special abilities effectively, or at least does so with good intentions.

I Am Groot is a collection of animated shorts that chronicles the big exploits of little Groot. He doesn’t need to say much to win people over and elicit laughter. Disney+ excels at producing shorts that excite viewers and add depth to well-loved characters, leaving fans clamouring for more. I Am Groot will probably only pique the interest of Groot aficionados. But there are several episodes, so that’s something.

On August 10, I Am Groot makes its Disney+ premiere.

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Little Demon Tells a Story of Coming of Age A twist like no other

Adult animation is still gaining popularity, and there are now many different types of animation available. Adult fans of the genre may want to try Little Demon. The show’s irreverent comedy is brought to life by Aubrey Plaza, Danny DeVito, and Lucy DeVito’s skills.

Middle school is challenging enough as it is, but 13-year-old Chrissy is about to learn who her absentee father really is. He turns out to be the devil, not in a metaphorical sense. In reality, she is the antichrist, and Satan is only seeking a chance to influence his little daughter’s life. Following such disclosures, juggling family, maturing, developing her talents, and becoming accustomed to life in other realms should be simple.

Hulu’s Little Demon Season 1 debuts on August 25.

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