At the premiere of “Westworld,” Tessa Thompson claimed that Luke is the funniest Hemsworth sibling

Regarding the ongoing discussion surrounding the Hemsworth brothers, Tessa Thompson has an opinion. The renowned actress claims that Luke Hemsworth is unquestionably the funniest Hemsworth.

Tessa chatted with ET’s Rachel Smith about the new season and her Australian co-star as she dazzled in gold on the black carpet at the HBO premiere of Westworld season 4 at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center on Tuesday.

Luke foresaw that Tessa would name him as the funniest among his three siblings, including Chris and Liam Hemsworth, if he were mentioned on the red carpet before her. That turned out to be accurate.

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“He is undoubtedly the funniest of his brothers. It’s accurate, “Tessa laughed as she said. Luke Hemsworth is the funniest one, according to my interactions with them all.

But I don’t compare, she hastily exclaimed. “Hemsworthians are all stunning people. Each one is necessary.”

Tessa co-stars with Luke in Westworld and has worked with Chris on multiple MCU movies, including 2019’s Men in Black: International and Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. This means that in order to fulfil “the trifecta,” she only has to appear alongside Liam.

“That is something we have stated, but who knows? I hope!” About working with Liam, Tessa stated. “But maybe I’ll just disappear into thin air after I get the trifecta! Exactly what?”

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Tessa, meantime, adds that fans of her popular HBO sci-fi drama should be prepared for shocks they haven’t seen on the programme before in the upcoming season.

“I believe [fans] will go deep into all the fundamental queries we have about what it means to be human. It’s a show that never ceases to amaze us, but undoubtedly the audience, “Tessa disclosed. “Things always seem to turn out in the most unexpected ways, more so this season than any we’ve seen previously.”

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