At Sunburn Goa, DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike Will Make a Grand Performance

EDM aficionados are preparing to take over the Vagator Beach even before the New Year’s party goers arrive in Goa. This year, the Sunburn Festival’s popular DJ roster includes the well-known DJ brothers Dimitri and Michael Thivaios, also known as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. The festival will take place there from December 28 to December 30.

The 2015 No. 1 ranked (DJ Magazine) brothers rave about the festival they have been attending on a regular basis, saying, “It’s a wonderful festival. This is going to be a chaotic show because Sunburn has some of the craziest fans. We’re quite excited to see how this celebration turns out.

Fondness For India

Until the pandemic hit, the Greek-Belgian brothers Dimitri and Michael travelled to India practically annually. They are glad to be on the road and touring once more, though they admit that coming back felt a little weird at first. “The fans were missed! Since we are all currently involved, working together is the only option for us to return to the way things were before. We have to adjust just like the rest of the world since we are so used to touring and performing for weeks at a time, so for us, it has been a shift,” explains Dimitri.

They have used the break to recharge and be creative, like most musicians do. “With so much free time, the epidemic provided touring musicians with an unheard-of opportunity to create new songs. To keep us in the best possible physical and mental condition while travelling, we are accustomed to being adaptable and attempting to maintain a schedule. This is crucial during this entire process. Continued physical activity, a healthy diet, and time spent talking to friends and family are all good habits. People’s health and wellbeing are the most crucial aspect of this, continues Dimitri.

Dimitri, who began DJing at a young age, left home to pursue employment in European vacation destinations before arriving in Ibiza. Then Michael came and joined him. A few years later, they returned home and constructed their studio, where their endeavours quickly grew. Regarding the collaboration, Dimitri explains, “As brothers, we spent a lifetime growing up together so we know each other inside and out. We are capable of working jointly as well as separately when necessary.

The brothers each work on their own separate endeavours; Michael recently shared the song “Awaking” with Asher Swissa. The most recent solo single by Dimitri on his label House of House was “The Drop,” which featured David Guetta, Azteck, and Nicole Scherzinger.

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Who will appear in the Goa event?

EDM aficionados are preparing to take over the Vagator Beach even before the New Year’s party goers arrive in Goa.

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