Are Nancy and Bartise Still Connected?

Even though they were one of the most confident pairs going into the cocktail party with their ex-spouses in Malibu, Angie Rodriguez and Bartise Bowden are now Love Is Blind Season 3‘s most conflicted couple.

Since they each decided to leave the pods together after dating other individuals, they appeared to be on track to reach the altar. For instance, even though he was sure that Raven Ross was hot, Bartie was also deeply in love with her while in the pods. However, after she performed a jump squat during one of his more vulnerable moments, he appeared to understand that perhaps she wasn’t the one for him. He ended their relationship and engaged Nancy, who had just dumped Andrew Liu.

By the time they arrive in Malibu, Bartise and Nancy are entirely smitten with one another, and it’s evident they click. However, after he admits that he cried while trying to choose between her and Raven in the pods following the cast cocktail party in Malibu, things quickly turn sour. Despite their lack of sexual chemistry, there appears to be a slim chance that Nancy and Bartise will remain together after Season 3 of Love Is Blind. Bartise doesn’t follow Nancy back on Instagram despite her doing so, which is strange.

Is Bartise Still in Love with Raven?

When Nancy and Bartise finally meet in person, they click right away. How things are going, Bartise even admits to the other guys at the cocktail party. He is more in love with Nancy than in the pods until he consumes a few more beverages and begins to speak casually about his attraction to Raven.

To be “honest,” Bartise admits to Nancy during their evening recap that he was relieved to see that Raven was just as much of a “smoke show” as he had previously believed. Nancy gradually realises what he’s saying, and it appears that this is the first time she has heard the statement that he was genuinely, painfully divided between her and Raven.

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The rest of the season’s trailer shows Nancy crying as Bartise screams that “looks do matter,” which is odd given they appear to be physically drawn to one another. Bartise and Raven are seen chatting about their desire in another scene in the preview. The location is not suitable for his relationship with Nancy. Raven and Bartise follow different cast members on Instagram but not one another. Or are they just being evasive?

Are Nancy’s feelings for Andrew still there?

In the love Is Blind Season 3 finale trailer, Nancy and Andrew may be seen conversing together as this is happening. She claims in the video that it aches to love someone who isn’t attracted to her, presumably Bartise. Andrew responds that he believes Nancy is lovely and that she is totally into his delivery, based on the glint in her eye.

Even so, as they drift apart, Nancy and Bartise might realise they love and want to be married. Based on their arguments on the show, Bartise and Nancy will need to put in a lot of emotional effort if they stay together after Love Is Blind.

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